Wednesday, July 23, 2008

TSA Screeners Abusing Power! Shocking! Nobody Saw this Coming, eh?!

The Stasi in fine form!

Seriously folks, you gotta completely put away any pretension to dignity or self respect to fly commercial airlines. I find myself wondering what could possibly come next when suffering such invasions of personal privacy and humiliation at the hands of "officials" becomes blase'. I can think of no better way to condition human beings into regarding themselves at cattle.

It is instructive to note the tone of the article is that there are just a few bad apples in the barrel otherwise full of yummies. In other words, "Pay no attention to those naked white Christian teenage girls, er... POTENTIAL TERRORISTS we are feeling up. This is a good idea; the system just needs tweaking". Ever heard that line before?

Mass transportation is, has been, and always will be anathema to freedom.

Find your own damned way to get where you are going. There are very few legitimate business reasons to fly anymore since teleconferencing and faxes came of age. Vacations need not include 1500 mile time compressed journeys. Drive, ride, or float there.

Screw these commie cocksuckers and their politician masters. Were I able, I would grant every American one swingin' redneck testicle and then the airlines would die a justified and timely death or ditch this nonsense for what it is.

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