Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Proof Folks You Knew "When" Still Need a Posterior Headectomy

From An Old College Chum's foray into blogdom.

Most of us reaching middle age have seen friends be able to bridge periods of unemployment to save their houses and families with government benefits, and thought that good. We have seen aunts and uncles diagnosed with disease and have had Medicaid or Medicare provide the coverage to allow them to live, and thought that good. Or have become aware that the cure to most diseases has been the result of government financed research, and thought that good.

All good things flow from gubmint, eh, Rog. At no cost to anyone I presume, and in a vacuum, with no unintended consequences. The gubmint prints the money, passes it out to worthies and utopia ensues.
Ever wonder how little folks would ever require gubmint assistance were they not bearing the huge burden of financing said gubmint throughout their productive lives? And the gubmint saves their families, too! Pardon. I must find a tissue....

Do you spontaneously wax poetic when paying homage to your gubmint (the fount of all good things in Rogerspeak)? Is this any organized coercive entity or just the official USA gubmint (only when self-serving and/or moronic socialists are in charge, mind you)? This is truly some bizarre stuff, Rog.

I also agree that if you vote in this country you are doing so only on the margins. However, included in those margins is the right to worship as you wish (cross burning being allowed), join a union, marry whoever the hell you want (even if they have the same genitals), let your daughter choose her way in the world, make sure your folks can go to the doctor (or nurse if they prefer) and not get bankrupted by that decision, etc.

As for all the "included margins":
1) Worship as you wish - Burned a church full of men women and children to death in Waco Texas to defend this right.

2) crossburning - "hate crime" or to use george orwell's term "thought crime". You burn one, I'll report it and we'll time the FBI to see how long it takes them to knock on your door.

3) Marry who you want - are we talking tax benefits here or ways for aids patients to bankrupt healthcare insurance funds?

4) Daughter choose her way in the world - so long as it is not a housewife or stay at home mother as two incomes are damned near required to pay taxes since women in the workplace DOUBLED the supply of workers thereby HALVING real wages. Women have always chosen their own way in the world, Roger, they just are limited in their native abilities by biology. If anything gubmint has screwed this up royally with equalitarian nonsense. One can "choose" to be the Emperor of Mars but that won't get you very far toward the goal.

5)doctors/nurses - Yes! And we need to be more like Canada in this respect so the entire country can share 5 CT scanners! Much more gubmint involvement here and smokers will be denied cancer treatments, fat folk denied heart surgery, but it will grease the skids for implementation of euthanasia (the leftist wonder drug)!

Finally, and in a response to your initial response to kenpatirot, it is not the kid from podunk that the rest of the world views as a "bare foot toothless hillbiliy", it is the cartoon character that you portray of the small clan in the cave, with the trap door covered with a big "bars and stars", food for six months, ammo aplenty, ready for the invasion. Again, I apologize for initially assuming that wasn't you.

As for your passive-aggressive "grown up" bullshit I will let George Bernard Shaw speak in my stead “One who is not a socialist at 20 has no heart, and one who remains a socialist at 40 has no head."

I expect no less from you on the hillbilly account, "Roger". To appease you, I shall refer to myself as "Anthony", grow a beard and lick boots.... Will that do?
A bit of low quality treo-cam loot from our most recent excursion. That's MrsJAC by the BMW, DrWho by the sissybike, and Darlin'Joy by the Red Ninjette.

Nate and DrWho tried out a new communication system that I will have to get him to review called Autocom. What little I played with it impressed the hell outa me. Whoever advised him to buy it must be a damned genius...