Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Children removed from Grandparents to be Placed with Fags.

Government at Work.

I can't decide whether this is due to more to political correctness run amok or to a socialized healthcare system trying to drive the age when the more care intensive can be booted off the lists of those eligible for treatment. Is this because the social worker brownshirt busy-body wants to promote the idea of queeners are real people? Or have the National Health Service declared 59 yrs. as an age where euthanasia (for his own good, of course) is an option to be weighed by medical administrators when reviewing his case, he has angina after all.

There is no hope for the formerly great Britain, and it is shoveling itself into the dustbin of history faster than even these United States. Only the Germans can come up with more silly shit while keeping a straight face.