Thursday, May 21, 2009


I know BMW riders are suppposed to be weather warriors and I don't want to burst anyone's bubble on that since Nathan and I have both ridden entire days in a downpour, but there was a storm ahead and there's just too damned many people living in Georgia to make it any fun to ride there outside of Blood Mountain and Jocassee Lake Rd (Like rollercoasters, man!) so we bailed and hauled ass back to the mountains after pondering at length and smoking on the matter at a mexican restaurant Athens. We have found ourselves in Clemson South Carolina with bellies full of Prime Rib and Corona. The taste of fine cigars and bourbon lingers on our lips as we emphatically apply our heads to the pillows at lights out. Pity us.

We only rode about 800 miles today, but we did get a late start this morning and traffic was ridiculous even on the rural two lanes we prefer to barnstorm. Folks are getting a real early start on this damned yankee holiday and I have had to refrain from shooting folks for pokin' along in the left lane.

Note: For future reference "Scenic Drives" are just that: "drives". Not "rides". A scenic drive can be as boring as driving the bypass of any given town, meaning there are likely no switchbacks, the curves are all minivan safe, and chicken houses extended into the horizon. Honeysuckle in bloom and chicken shit by the ton make for a rare olfactory blend. Trust me.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mountains, Motorcycles, Wild Turkey, and Smoke.

Destination: Savannah

Gravitic Pull:

Accommodations: We might end up anywhere.