Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Right Way to Spend Election Day: Girls With Guns

As has been shown, the Brothers "C" know their way 'round firearms. Actually, the Ladies "C" are none to shabby on the trigger either. But what may come as news is that the Daughters "C" may outdo us all!

Note that some very basic instructions are being imparted, which should be a clue that this is the first time this cutie has handled a duty sized wheel gun. The only prior experience she had with a handgun was a few rounds through a Single Six in .22 Long Rifle just prior to trying on the 4-inch .357 Magnum (.38 Special wad cutters in the cylinder).

Those shots are taken at well past the CCW permit requirement on targets about 20% the size of the official silhouettes. Similar results were obtained by the elder Daughter "C", but she was wearin' out the plates with the Glock 9mm. No photographic or videographic evidence will be presented of the eldest as there were "short shorts" involved. I am a father first, a firearms instructor second.

Just for kicks: 25 yds at a munchkin sized silhouette plate:

I am not nearly as fretful about "dating" after today. A boot knife and a hideout "Lady Smith" should take care of any infractions on the part of overly amorous hormone addled teenaged boys.