Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's a Black Thing. You Wouldn't Understand.

Remember that? I always wondered how much fun it was to attribute some life experience as unknowable to another and ascribe their exclusion to an insurmountable arbitrary factor. Well, I finally found out.... It's a lot of fun.

Friend O Mine: How do you know all this? I mean, is there some place where they teach this stuff? (emergency wiring) What are you? A rural electrical something or other?

JACIII: I'm a redneck.

I delivered this line deadpan and in a manner consistent with delivering the news, "Water is wet", and noted Friend O Mine's only disappointingly mild frustration with the unforthcoming nature of the answer.

Happily, my efforts were rewarded later in the day when the same question was posed and the same answer given. This has been a source of much joy.

Assignment for those who dare:

Try it. Next time someone remarks upon your ability to do X or knowledge of Y, feel free to attribute it to your cultural demographic.

Man Up! Seperating the Wheat from the Chaff.

Hey Y'all!

As you can see by the picture below, it is still a frozen world. From where I'm sitting, in front of the wood stove with a generator and furnace purring in the background it's not so bad. Some folks have had a struggle seeking to master the elements without the aid of municipal utility services, and still others are useless as tits on a boar hog and have become beggers after everyone elses time and resources.

I will relate two examples.

Mr. M moved out here a couple years ago and is a highly intelligent bookish sort of substantial academic acheivement and credentials who owns, breeds and cares for livestock. He has been gradually educating himself in the ways of self-sufficiency and aquiring knowledge and skills through the effective method getting his hands dirty and practicing good relations with the natives.
Folks hereabouts, and I suspect thereabouts, will go out of their way to help this kind of fella out. I'll do what I can for him.

Ms Spongebroad (not her real name) is a modern female who gives the impression she is capable, able, and independent. Observable reality reveals another tale. Begger. Unwilling to even run the roads or work the phone to locate items whose possession could literally mean survival. Things are scarce right now, but you can drive to where they are in a reasonable amount of time. Spongebroad is sitting in front of a heater I loaned out to an elderly couple with 'total electric' and no alternative heat source or way to get one with her three kids dumped in the old folks parlor.

Mr M. Was unable to get out of his property to run the roads for two days and I could not bring him a heat source (total electric home) because Spongebroad, who is able bodied, would not contribute through effort or time to the wellbeing of the elderly couple on whom she imposes. I ever see Spongebroad drowning, I will count the bubbles.



Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Greetings from the frozen Bluegrass

After two days of rain @ 30 degrees F and tree limbs cracking like lightning strikes we finally lost power around 4am this morning. I really could not have imagined it taking <I>this</I> long. Alas, mother nature finally got around to us.

The trusty Englander wood stove is sitting at a steady 1500 degrees F internal and the old house is basking in its glow. As it turns out, 93 years ago they built houses for this particular mode of climate control.

Barring the power coming back on in the next hou or so, I will have to run the cable from the motorhome generator to cycle the fridge, freezer,and hot water heater.

As the sun comes up I will try to post some pics. This weather is extremely destructive, but also extremely pleasing to the eye. This is. No doubt why nature is charecterized as female.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Somebody has Been Watching Way too Much Star Trek

Beelzebub 1/27/09 6:14 AM

It's just obvious to anyone who knows enough about human nature that we are not perfect beings. IMO we will never evolve into perfect beings, but since I'm a bit of a transhumanist (not a crazy transhumanist, but a little bit of one) I don't think we will need to. Within a few hudred years we will have the capacity to engineer ourselves beyond human fault and foible. That will include tolerance for those wanting to be "left behind" but in truth, I don't think anyone will want to be.

The preceding was lifted from the comments by Breezebetweentheearslebub over at Vox's blog. Breezebetweentheearslebub has neglected to mention human improvement has been ongoing apace for many years already and certainly in modern times. The USSR had re-education camps whereby impure thoughts were eradicated from the minds of pre-enlightened throwbacks, and our own modern pharmaceutical industry has been plugging away at curing the ills of even boys who tend to be active, and hasn't civil authority made certain thoughts a crime? I can tell we are just around the corner from Breezebetweentheearslebub's New HopeChange Utopia. Everything has changed!

In Breezebetweentheearslebub's New HopeChange Utopia folks won't be killed for their own good like those old Pre-HopeChange Utopias. No, It will be done for the Good of All or to Save the Planet.

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Blog Tip

A friend of mine, who is a terminal hippy, but a good writer and a smart fella in spite of that has started putting pen to paper to give laymen the lay of the land on horseracing from an "inside the biz" perspective.

Play nice if you visit. And go easy on him while he visualizes world peace.....

Bloodhorse in the Bluegrass