Thursday, November 04, 2010

!!!!Obama Blog Update!!!!

er, or not.

It is the tendency of the left to overreach, declare the revolution come to pass and act accordingly; shedding all restraint. Some few, OK, a LOT of their fellow travelers in congress get to play kamikaze legislator, but their dreams of free everything for everybody at no cost to anybody moved one step closer to their imbecilic perception of reality. This perennial overreach allowed the electorate ( even some yankees!) to realize yet again that "a chicken in every pot" really means "I eat steak and you go hungry" and expressed its displeasure in the voting booth.

As much as I enjoy the whining and "end of the world" carping, objectively not much has changed: The legislative and executive branches are still open for the usual fee-for-service and money-for-nothing arrangements with financial sector executives, the campaign to devalue the dollar in your pocket will proceed apace, war in perpetuity is under no threat of ceasefire, the judicial branch will continue to just make shit up, no government handout is in serious jeopardy (other than "full faith and credit" sounding more and more like "checks in the mail"), and The One still knows his way around a teleprompter. So, why the tears, Nancy?