Saturday, March 27, 2010

High Seas Freighters Must Convert to Oars

The latest Obamacrat to utter what passed across his stuttering brain synapses thinks the Third World has the right idea when it comes to folks getting around: Pedal Power!
Yes! You, too, can extend that half hour commute to a half day bicycle trek!

This signals that the Obama administration has come to grips with the fact the US population will be poor for the near future and is seeking to incorporate this paradigm shift in personal transportation; Put simply folk won't be able to afford gas.

Notice the idiot didn't say anything about efficiency, speed, or even cheap transport, just how we need to spend money on a mode of transport that only the poorest, most miserable folk on the planet are forced to adopt. Fear not for your betters, though, even the Commissars had the Zil.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Women..... What are they good for?

Sewing zippers into riding suits! MrsJAC is definitely a keeper

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