Saturday, April 11, 2009

Somalia Solution

Nuke and Pave:

The house in the center is the one the long suffering parents of the Brothers C vacated only two years ago. Looks like it got the garage. Not an act of God, that. Only the devil would take out the mancave and leave the frilly parts intact.

Good video coverage of the tornado hit here under "Raw Video".

How far we have come...

From this:

To this




Nice Ass


Friday, April 10, 2009

Only 53% Believe Capitalism is Better than Socialism

An statistic oft repeated by the obese in the motorcycle community is, "90% of people want a Harley" - with the correct response being, "90% of people don't know shit about motorcycles."

Applying the same thinking to the capitalism survey results reveals that the only useful information it transmits is which marketing effort is the most pervasive. Further reading of the survey reveals a breakdown into age demographics with the under 30 mushbrain the most susceptable to commie propaganda. Surprise!

The under thirty crowd isn't long off the teet and generally hasn't found it's feet or a direction in this world just yet. Being that they are tottering economically it is only reasonable that they are frantically searching for another boob to latch onto. Granted, the appendage the government has flopped out has a mainline tap into the zombie-fluid vat but the kiddies are lookin' for anything they think will stabilize their situation.

The MSM has glossed over most of the evils of socialism that are readily apparent in those few countries where it is practiced as closely as possible to it's original intent. Things like food shortages/rationing, heating fuel cutoffs, hospitals becoming short rest-stops on the way to the crematorium, mass imprisonment of dissenters all interfere with the image of a Star Trek existance the proponents of government control of everything wish to convey.

The demographic I would like to see, but none of us will be treated to, is the racial data. Wonder how that breaks down? We should probably skip the "College Educated" sub-category for the under thirties, too.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hippy Alert and Barack "Barry" Hussien's Ball Licking Diplomacy

you mean 8.8 years, JAC ! And I personally don't understand how we can justifiably argue that other countries shouldn't have nukes when we have them.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Presidential Job Requirement:The Ability to Talk Out of One's Own Ass

Barry Hussien Obama said something really stupid yesterday about a world without nuclear weapons, so....

The loonies in North Korea launched an ICBM last night which prompted barry hussien to get up the next day and reassert his call for a world without nuclear weapons just to make sure we all know he said it on purpose. He goes on, further, to say the U.S. has a :

“moral responsibility ” to lead the way, as the only nation ever to use them.
Now, I ask you, is that some "visualize world peace"-head-in-the-sand-hippy-bullshit, or what?!

That's better than the clinton's planting flowers on decommissioned missle silos!

The next 3.8 yrs is gonna be really entertaining.

The Provocation....

A skittish motorcycle with a touch of blood in it is better than all the riding animals on earth, because of its logical extension of our faculties, and the hint, the provocation, to excess conferred by its honeyed, untiring smoothness.

T. E. Lawrence The Road

This is from a man who, in 1935, rode his SS100 Brough Superior into a tree at over 100 MPH.

The SS100 is a fascinating bike and was scary fast for it's time.