Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Safety Inherent in a Gun Free Zone

Seriously, if you have friends who think Gun Free Zones are a good idea or who even claim to respect the right of a business to ban personal firearms from their premises get the hell away from them. Life is too short to be bothered with the willfully stupid. Don't bother trying to fix them. Simply state the obvious, "You are an idiot.", and walk away. Find new friends. 

If ever there was proof the electorate is incapable of choosing it's representatives wisely this is it. Were there not idiots
voting there would not be idiots making policy.

Friday, July 17, 2015


Since Sybil was all the rage in 1973 the general populace has been aware of the phenomenon of Multiple Personality Disorder or DID. Whether the phenomenon is  so much hoaky horseshit or a real effect of trauma is a matter for a different discussion, but the current Narrative push for Saint Transgender brings it to mind in a couple of similar ways: Is it a genuine effect or an affectation? Should its  victims?/sufferers?/practitioners?  be described as a subgroup of  those effected by or affecting MPD/DID? What are the consequences of encouraging victims/practitioners of what is an obvious break with objective reality?

A quick google search by anyone conversant with a keyboard will yield a plethora of information straight from the horse(tte)'s mouth about the past of many of those experiencing/participating in Transgender phenomena.

I suspect more strongly as time progresses that the public's TransFad is nothing more than the perfect storm of a few attention whores melded with a media wedded to pushing an ever degenerate world view and the common desire of many to be seen as already on to the Next Big Thing after the recent pseudo-normalization of homosexual marriage.

As is often the case, in the Freaks-R-Us proponents' rush and frenzy to push this narrative  any potential harm to those being encouraged toward potentially self destructive behavior is ignored in the interest of passing another perfect, shiny, secular milestone and unintended consequences be damned.

 Whether or not anyone who is genuinely affected by such a severe mental disorder (or is so fucked up they are driven to portray said disorder) falls victim to the transfad frenzy will never be reported, or investigated because, as we are continually informed, believing oneself to be something one is not is perfectly normal.


Psychosis occurs when a person loses contact with reality. The person may:
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