Monday, May 03, 2010

It Sucks to Get Old

and Slow.

Excerpt from a letter to a dualsport riding group about this last weekend's ride at Renfro Valley:

I've gotta say I'm really impressed by how awesome these dual sport blokes are. I was winded after about 1 hour in the mud, dumped enough times to start naming tree roots and rocks with intimate accolades, and will forever be in debt to the most generous man on a gasgas? 250? who picked my ass up out of the mud on 2 occasions cause my back was blown. It was particularly humbling when on the 2nd occasion he got me up on the bike, I was ready to go, only to fall the other way on the trail before I even let the clutch out. I will pick up the next poor sap who dumps in front of me, I swear.

After limping back to the hotel taking a long cut on the road which turned my ass to a shade of black and blue (love ktm seats), I shuffled up to my room, took a shower and a nap. Got up and went to dinner and guys were still out in what looked like a wet scene from that lobster fisherman show, and I thought.... how?

Went back to the warm cozy room only to be disturbed at 6:30pm from noise outside my room and 2 guys were just getting in! No food, nothing, just back from trail. And they said they were getting too old.... dang...

You are all supermen to me and I can only aspire to keep up with you. Jeff kicked my ass and Barry was somewhere in front of us and he lost me. I don't know how many passed me but in all fairness it was only because I was laying winded and broken in a face full of mud waiting for someone to roost over my back.

Cant wait till the next ride but beware young and old supermen.... these old broken bones will mend and I will get in shape. Look out for the orange (and hopefully not bleeding red) shape in front of you. He will do the whole trail...... I hope....

No, that's not me, but I'll not say it's never been me.