Saturday, April 25, 2009

Roci Reports....

Just got back from gun show in Northern VA.

Primers were rumored to be sold out yesterday, but there were still a few cases to be had at $70 per thou. WLR. I found some at a back table for only $55, but I think I got the last of it. There wasn't much 9mm to be seen anywhere except high priced designer loads. the $10 a box stuff I got last month is now $25.

Bass Pro is out of most common bullet types and cartridges.

Soft points are plentiful but don't work well in my autoloader.

The major ammo guys came in with pallets of russian and various surplus types and were sold out by noon today. The CNN guy was happily filming right wing whackoes carting out cases of the stuff (7.62x 39 and 5.56 mostly).

The ammo guy I talked to said he cannot account for the shortages. his deliveries from suppliers are all on time and in greater quantities than last year. He blames women. He says he often sees a wife come up to her husband, (who knows he is looking at overpriced goods and wants to make do with what he has), and tell him, "get more".

I can state that my own wife has told me this even though she has no idea how much I already have. They may know something we don't.