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Plastic welding on ABS! It works!

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The Evil Women Do

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!!!!Obama Blog Update!!!!

er, or not.

It is the tendency of the left to overreach, declare the revolution come to pass and act accordingly; shedding all restraint. Some few, OK, a LOT of their fellow travelers in congress get to play kamikaze legislator, but their dreams of free everything for everybody at no cost to anybody moved one step closer to their imbecilic perception of reality. This perennial overreach allowed the electorate ( even some yankees!) to realize yet again that "a chicken in every pot" really means "I eat steak and you go hungry" and expressed its displeasure in the voting booth.

As much as I enjoy the whining and "end of the world" carping, objectively not much has changed: The legislative and executive branches are still open for the usual fee-for-service and money-for-nothing arrangements with financial sector executives, the campaign to devalue the dollar in your pocket will proceed apace, war in perpetuity is under no threat of ceasefire, the judicial branch will continue to just make shit up, no government handout is in serious jeopardy (other than "full faith and credit" sounding more and more like "checks in the mail"), and The One still knows his way around a teleprompter. So, why the tears, Nancy?

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The Decision Process: A Car for My Child

A young one comes of an age where freedom of movement is required to conduct the day to day business of growing up, becoming educated, and taking those first faltering steps toward independence and self-sufficiency. Suddenly, the nest is a too small world for the youngster and inroads into the commerece, travel, and geography of the adult world must be made. But how best to begin?

With a well cared for, quality, safe used vehicle, of course.

Choosing one puts quite an onus upon any father not blinded by glitzy car ads, government bureaucratic doubespeak, and grass-hut treehugger propaganda (re: safety and survivability on public roads) and wanting to provide his child with reliable personal transport while balancing cost, performance, safety, and economy.

Step one: Weed out all the small cars. This is not an equivocal statement, and it is not for the simple reason that small cars will kill your kids. See below:

Yes, they will kill and mutilate your kids.

This still leaves a lot of options; SUV, midsize car, large car, Fullsized pickup, midsized pickup, van (forget it. no shag wagons).

Next up: Mid sized and Full sized Pickups are a good option for their mass, durability, and structural integrity, but suffer from the lack of weight over the rear wheels which makes them prone to a skid on wet/slick pavement. Throw them out unless you can teach your child to reliably control a vehicle in that situation.

So that leaves us with large SUV, midsized SUV, midsized car, and full sized car.

While large SUV's are currently inexpensive to buy, inexpensive to insure, and massive (thereby benefiting lavishly from Newton's first law in a vehicle to vehicle collision) they are horrendously fuel inefficient which doen't mesh well with a teenager's budget. Mid sized SUV's benefit to a lesser extent from Newton, but don't really improve much upon the inefficiency problem of large SUV's.

Midsized cars are a viable option with vanilla safety ratings and very good efficiency, but Sir Newton frowns ever so slightly upon them.

A full sized car is typically safer than a midsize with very little mileage penalty and some are even known for a specific design on safety, quality construction, careful and intelligent engineering. Sadly, these are typically made by Europeans.....

The Options:
1: Volvo
2: Mercedes
3: BMW

These are high-end brands with great reputations and each has a different primary focus while maintaining a firm grip on other aspects of quality vehicle design and manufacture. I chose the Mercedes e320.

Rationale to follow.

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Daddy, I need a car!

I'll see what I can do.....

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Times Change.People Don't

It i has always been the hope and faith of primitive peoples that their chosen god would control the weather in their favor:

It took the leftist a little longer to work up to asking their god "Government" to do so than most, but one must admit they did finally get around to it.

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The proper way to enjoy the evenin'

Pay those nasty flowers no mind. I must've cut the primatrol a mite lean......

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Brethitt county black bear.

Looks to be pretty good sized bear, or "bahr" as they say in those parts.

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And the wooly worm says....

Gravy this winter.

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Reason #438 Why the US is Doomed

...because even those who believe they fight for less government intervention pay homage to a bloodthirsty, tyrannical despot.

Reminds me of celebrations of Castro's revolution or the old Soviet October Revolution Day.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Inevitable Fate of Lincoln's Empire:

US Bond default inevitable: Driven to ruin by his philosophical kin.

But, but... Somebody should DO something!

It will fun to watch the left suddenly stop loving "change" when it begins writing them cold checks.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Proof of a Worthwhile Post

The good ones always go to boobs:

Professor Hale on emergency procedures for snakebite victims:
Also, if the bite victim is a lady, remove her bra. The swelling can get mighty painful.
Today, 1:16:42 PM

Bill expands on the premise:
Heck, I do that for everything, along with some palpitations to check for tenderness... "Excuse me ma'am, you broke a fingernail? I'll have to remove your shirt and bra to see if there are further complications, often the shock travels up your arm to your shoulder."
Today, 1:32:46 PM

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

High Steppin' in Alabama

It's safe to say this Western Diamondback is one Damned Big Snake;

Welldigger sent this a few days ago; It's a picture of the Rattler he an a buddy happened upon while out looking for 'gators. Now, when something is so bad as to scare ya' shitless whilst out lookin' for 'Gators then it's one of Gods creatures been breathin' a mite too long.

Welldigger said it scared him so bad he forgot he was carryin' a shotgun!

Bear in mind the fella holding the snake is 6'3" and the rattler is big around as the man's thigh....

Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Law Loop

Paraphrased from a real interview:

Questioner: Is pillow biter "marriage" protected by the Constitution?

Answer: Yes.

Q: There's no mention of anything of the sort.
A: But the courts have previously decided there was.
Q: There's no mention of anything of the sort.
A: It's covered under the fourteenth amendment.
Q: There's no mention of anything of the sort.
A: But the courts have previously decided it was.

ad infinitum

In other words; "It Is because we say It Is, irrespective of observable reality" This is nothing more than law by capricious fiat and the proclivity of leftists to shit their own nests.

A society cannot maintain even the perception of being free without at least the illusion of rule of law. Describing nonsense as "arcane", "nuanced", or "complex" and substituting that for logic is in no way long term sustainable. The result of this lack of anything like a firm legal foundation upon which regular folk can depend is increasing disregard for any and all law and, inevitably, the giver and enforcer of said law: The State.

This prevalence of the blatancy of the legal equivalent of a con game, combined with an economy soon to be unable to provide affordable necessities to a large percentage of the populace is, as has occurred many times in the past, sounding the death knell for the State of Lincoln, born of blood, 150 years hence.

Weep not for the Leviathan; there isn't a thing wrong with its demise. Mourn, instead, those to be crushed in it's death throes.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hell. It's worth a try.

"Infinite rednecks shooting infinite shotgun rounds at an infinite number of road signs will produce all the works of Shakespeare in Braille."

Props to Kim and , apparently, LinuxGirl

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Want a Buell

I laughed. I cried. It's better than Cats.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A little oven time, a little freezer time and PRESTO !

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Bearing in the oven.

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Tools of the trade.

Replacing the Final Drive bearing on a BMW R1150GS. Bearing and shaft prep with kitchen appliances.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

You will find me in the junkyard henceforth......

It is interesting to note this activity is so actively pursued that it appears to be common knowledge which year, make, model yields the most explosive power.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Natchez trace tupelo bound!

Restaurant run to Vanelli's

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On the road to Tupelo!

Natchez Trace 
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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Fred on Feminism:

“All you want is sex!”

“Uh…what else have you got?”

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Go and read some Austrian Economists instead of the funny papers!"

I have been more than a little amused by the narrative since the multiple stimuli have been shown to be abject failures wasted against our depressed economy. Calls are almost universal from on high for "belt tightening" and "deficit reduction" now that the fat rats have run off with the cheese wheel. Of course you stop spending now! For pity's sake the credit cards are all full and the checking account is bone dry!

All they are really saying is, "We partied. Now you pay for it, Chump."

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Confessions of an Overlord:

is your brother still in tears over the USA loss?

He hasn't spoken since.


probably drowning his sorrows in some fruity drink

Jamie is mad at you for turning him in to your joo masters.

what did I do?

like you don't know.....

His last Global Report got flagged by the joo record company bosses.

on youtube


I did not know that

likely story.

I do not know of a single joo who works in my company

but then, we're not a wall street bank

so, what?! Are you their zionist spy?


I am very anti-zionism

exactly what a zionist spy would say.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Smokester is Up and Running!

Baby back ribs and a rump are smoldering on the grates over hickory. So far the temp has been easy to regulate.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oops! I bet Biden wasn't supposed to say that...

"POTUS would have to declare a bank holiday after he was sworn in."

So much for settling those Keynesian "animal spirits".

Roll the kooky economic collapse conspiracy theorist footage. Not so kooky after all.

A bank holiday. A Bank Holiday! All those folk advising us to grow a survival garden, buy gold, stock up on ammo, stash one months supply of cash and horde food - those fringe whack jobs! - were actually clued in to a very real possibility being considered by the Whitehouse.

The fact that this was even discussed at any point should tell you how dire the condition of the economy. The smoke will eventually clear and the mirrors will inevitably tarnish to expose the reality of an unmanageable (and previously unimaginable) debt service the FedGov has saddled us all with while exporting the productive capacity of the nation, and therefore even the slim chance it could be serviced while any of us maintained a decent standard of living. Cap that off with the Moron in Chief pushing for yet another massive tax increase; on energy! of all things - can anyone think of a better way to accelerate the economy faster off the cliff?? - and you have a train wreck that makes the malaise of the Carter administration look like a 5 MPH fender bender.

I knew he was dense, but I didn't think anyone on the planet had a talent to do everything wrong.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shameless Product Endorsement

Note the protagonist simply walks up to the sissy on the chick-bike. So funny in so many ways.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ain'3 it a little early for wooly worms?

What's he doin' out already?
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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Women Have One Thing on Their Minds

Unicorns and all that implies:

Magical Journey

It's only amusing for the first 60 seconds or so.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Creative Marketing

This is copied from the 2010 Aerostich catalog and creatively describes the differences between three different motorcycle riding suits the company makes. Yes, I am a customer.

Roadcrafter vs. Darien

by Adam Novitt

Vance had always been a post-apocalyptic kind of guy. His favorite movies were Escape From New York and Logan's Run. He didn't like his neighbors and they didn't like him. The unmown lawn, the jury rigged solar panels and propane tanks just didn't sit well in Northampton. Vance wasn't surprised to find his neighbor Sally dead on her doorstep or her husband Teddy slumped behind the wheel of his car. In fact, up and down the street he noticed several cars that appeared to be crashed into telephone poles, trees, and houses. It looked like the inevitable had happened. He was, at last, a post-apocalyptic guy in a post-apocalyptic world. Naturally, Vance hopped on his bike slipped into his Aerostich Roadcrafter and headed towards the supermarket.

Vance was surprised to see Barry at the supermarket when he arrived. Everywhere along the way it'd been the same - bodies, crashed cars just like he'd always imagined. "Why'd you set the Stop and Shop on fire, Barry?" Vance intoned. "I didn't, it was burning when I got here. Anyhow, there's a Shaw's supermarket over the mountain in Pittsfield," Barry said as he leaned against his bike in his Aerostich Darien.

The morning was starting to heat up now, and the fire wasn't helping things. Barry slipped off his jacket (the Darien is a two piece) while they considered the route to Pittsfield. Vance, still astride his mount, unzipped the Roadcrafter, and even though it slipped on and off easily it was still a bit too much to take off for this short amount of time.

Barry's jacket and pants were both thinner and better ventilated than the Roadcrafter, so he felt cooler. This didn't really bother Vance, since he could wear very light street clothing under his Roadcrafter. Just then Vance noticed a group of bikers, The Mean Monsters, a local 1% gang. Shots rang out.

Vance pulled his Smith and Wesson .40 and returned fire. The Roadcrafter had ample pockets for an even larger piece than his giant S&W. The close fit of the Roadcrafter allowed the heavy gun to be carried comfortably, close to the body. Vance was surprised to see Barry pull out a Walther .22 caliber handgun. He didn't think Barry was the sort to carry, but he was glad he did.

After the Monsters went off looking for easier prey he asked Barry what gave. "Well, I stopped by Valley Sporting Goods this morning and threw a rock through their window. I looked at the guns and didn't know what to take. The lighter .22 just felt better in the Darien." Vance smiled thinking of his big gun but Barry knew that he'd deployed the lighter Walther faster and had gotten off more accurate shots due to less recoil. "In the end, it's not the size of the load, it's all about placement," thought Barry.

Both Barry and Vance wanted to get out of town. They motored fast through the wrecked cars. Vance was able to pull ahead since he felt confident in the more protective Roadcrafter. The Roadcrafter’s overall shape is better suited to an aggressive street riding position than the Darien.

As they got onto the mountain the going got slower and the Darien began to shine. Barry enjoyed standing and hunting through the rocky terrain. The main road had been totally cut off by a huge pile up and Vance and Barry had to pick their way along forest roads and sometimes even trails. The Darien was better suited to standing and trail riding.

They decided to camp for the night; it was late and it was cool. Overall Barry was more comfortable in his suit making camp than Vance in his ‘crafter. The two piece Darien was just easier to move around in and the padding was easily removed. Barry was pleased with the Darien for this application. He even managed to shoot a rabbit for dinner with his Walther, which Vance’s .40 would have obliterated.

When it came time to sleep, there was no contest. The Roadcrafter has long been known as the Aerostich Motel. Vance awoke well rested. Barry had even zipped in the optional jacket liner, but the Darien was just less comfortable to sleep in.

In the morning they decided to find some gas. When the dirt roads became pavement again near Dalton they stopped at a trailer home that had two ATVs, a Suburban, a riding mower and three cars out front.

It was then that they were set upon by the Road Rashers, a Mean Monsters satellite club. Unfortunately they’d locked their guns in saddlebags, so it was fisticuffs. The Road Rashers attacked with their trademark sandpaper-covered hockey sticks. The Roadcrafter with it’s superior padding definitely held up better and Vance was pleased. Barry’s two piece Darien also allowed the rashers to get purchase on Barry and drag him around, potentially getting under the coat and hurting him. Still, overall, they were much better protected than the Rashers in their vests and chaps.

Barry and Vance had both had dated the same Aikido instructor, Linda, whose class they’d both taken. They used that knowledge, and some garden implements, to fight their way back to their bikes. Barry was a bit more beaten up, but OK. Vance hardly noticed it.

When they finally got to the Shaw’s supermarket Barry and and Vance went in and filled up with Ramen Noodles and other awesome foodstuff. They drove their bikes right into the store, but Vance was able to pack a bit more into his Roadcrafter than Barry’s Darien. That’s when Shelly and Brenda appeared. Shelly said, “Wow, we have the same bikes as you guys. It looks like whatever happened just people with dual-purpose bikes and 1% gang members survived.” “Thank god, that means no more K bikes at the Yankee Beemers breakfasts” Brenda stated simply.

Shelly was wearing Darien Light and had a .223 carbine rifle slung over her shoulder, and Brenda an Aerostich Transit with a crossbow. The blue Darien Light set off Shelly’s fair hair that trailed below her Nolan N103. The Transit accentuated Brenda’s graceful form and dark locks. Both looked fetching and imposing.

So, pick your poison. The Roadcrafter is better at high speeds, better for carrying dense weight close to your body, makes a better sleeping bag and offers more protection. The Darien looks and acts more like a normal jacket and pants, is better for dual sport riding and fits looser and offers more freedom of action.

While the .22 lacks stopping power, it’s easier and faster to use and potentially more versatile. The big Smith and Wesson may be slower, but one shot is all it ever takes when on target.

Barry thought Brenda’s crossbow would be quiet and self contained – no looking for more ammo, just reuse the bolts. Vance thought Shelly and her carbine quite the pretty picture. The gun would still be useful in close quarters, due to it’s short length, but deliver incredible stopping power.

Somehow, everyone knew, there amidst the spoiling milk and rotting meat (the power grid gave out that morning) that everything would be OK. Everyone had chosen their gear well; all of these were good choices and it spoke to the intelligence of the group. Though the electrics that ran the store may have been dead there was electricity enough between Barry and Brenda and also between Vance and Shelly. Their loaded bikes awaited, and they rolled out of the supermarket to a life that everyone knew would contain not only adventure riding, but romance as well.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just so y'all don't forget: Tomorrow is Dead Yankee day!

"The 30th of May, 1868, is designated for the purpose of strewing
with flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in
defense of their country during the late rebellion,...."
Would that one could save up turds all year with which to decorate the invader's graves...

I did NOT plant daisies.

Is there a damned Johnny Daisyseed on the loose?

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Friday, May 28, 2010

A Tale of Two Floods

New Orleans:


'nuff said.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ow, ow, ow! or "Thank God for Ibuprofen"

There's a trail up in the Daniel Boone National Forest called "RedBird" that some fella's around the state decided to get together and ride. I tagged along on my trusty KLX250s. Little did I know I would be the only fella there with a green bike. It seems EVERYBOBY is riding Orange these days, and I can see why after playin' the role of the weak sister all day. Ordinarily, the KLX is the class of the field at a DS gathering, but the tight, mountain woods riding brought out the hardcore element within the community. Damn!, those guys are fast. Damn!, my shoulders are sore. And Double Damn!, I wish my calf muscles would quit cramping!

Only dropped the bike twice, which is two times more than it has hit the ground since I have owned it. This should give you an indication of how technical the trail is. Once at the BOTTOM the worst downhill - steep decline, two foot drops off rocks the entire descent - which I managed to complete upright and then promptly dropped the bike crossing a 6-inch log across the trail. Go figure.

Then there was this 20 foot long pool in the trail.... engine under water but still breathing, I gunned it WFO about the time the front wheel found a big rock and ripped the bars out of my hands. Splash! I managed to hit the kill switch before it could flood out, righted it, and rode out looking like some mud covered bog-monster. The rest of the group enjoyed that immensely.

I could tell I was holding back the fellas on the fancy orange bikes, so I bailed onto an intersecting blacktop. The GPS sent me off onto a dirt road called Bowen Creek Rd. Realize, I am thoroughly knackered by now. So, I'm haulin' ass down Bowen Creek Rd. for miles. And miles. When I finally come upon a toothless fella on a four wheeler. "Keep goin'", he says, "66 is a couple miles ahead. Just cross the river and it's right there." I thanked him for his help and continued on. Until, I saw "cross the river" didn't include a bridge.

Yes, I rode through the river. And yes, I was a contender for the Gold in sphincter tension, but it went a long way toward getting the bike clean again.

That God for ibuprofen.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010


It appears Vox got around to commenting on the Jackboots. From the comments:

Having been involved in SWAT team training before I got a conscience, got out, and got an honest job:


Every PD SWAT team I worked with was the place where the department concentrated their loose cannons, trigger-happy cowboys, gonzo gung-ho Soldier of Fortune military dress-up queens, anger management nutcases, and einsatzgruppen wannabes. Every one. I did not meet *one* SWAT cop I would trust with a loaded gun if I was standing in front on him, and I met a hell of a lot I wouldn't trust even if I was standing well behind them. The job positively draws guys who salivate at the prospect of smashing things, hurting people, whipping around loaded guns like garden hoses, and opening up a can of whupass on anybody they feel like without fear of any repercussions.

I have heard this "got a conscience and left" on other time and from a personal acquaintance of mine. It struck me as an oddity for a time, but perhaps that is not so.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Luddite in Chief

Always nice to get some good meaty hypocrisy from Captain Kenya:

"With iPods and iPads and Xboxes and PlayStations, -- none of which I know how to work -- information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation," Obama said.

It's not exactly hard to figure why the left is bemoaning folk getting information for diverse outlets. Oh, the irony....