Friday, April 30, 2010


Help a brother out, y'all.

Zion's Paladin (
Hey y'all. I'm gonna branch OT here.

JAC, this is mostly to you, though anyone else can feel free to chime in. Not like I could stop you from doing that anyway. Smile

Anywho, I finally got off my ass and scheduled an appointment with the DMV to take the written test for my motorcycle license. Since I already passed the MSF course, the practical is over and done with. But I'm facing two concerns that I need some advice or suggestions on.

1) Riding jeans. I've found at least one good site that sells a wide variety, both in the amount of armor plating they offer, types of jeans and sizes, including mine. My cautious nature tells me to get as much armor plating as they'll put in, but I wanted to check with the experienced riders here on whether that's the way to go, or if there's armor plating in certain areas I should avoid.

2) This is the doozy. Riding a motorcycle is my first experience with a manual tranny ever. While I am very confident in my ability to handle a bike in terms of steering, braking etc., the throttle control and gear shifting is what's got me concerned. With a car, someone else could drive down to a parking lot, field or whatnot and switch places with the learner so they can get the necessary experience. With a bike, my only choice is grit my teeth and learn or rent a trailer to haul it back and forth while I get the necessary experience. This is where I need the majority of the advice and suggestions.

Woulda e-mailed you JAC, but my previous laptop had a glass of water run into it, and I couldn't find your e-mail address anywhere else.
Today, 4:33:35 AM

Real quick, ZP.

1) Riding Jeans. They are nice in very hot weather and I use Diamond Gusset brand, but an armoured oversuit or overpants is preferable like this.

2) Shifting. It ain't that big of a deal. The basics are;keep the RPM's between the engine dieing and the tachometer redline and all is well. The initial takeoff is the difficult part as there is so much going on all at one. A primary foible a new rider will make is while making a left turn across traffic: So much attention will be paid to a successful lutch/accelerator interaction that none is paid to the rate of acceleration resulting in either a) panic and freeze up while turning leading to collision, or b) a dropped bike in the middle if the intersection. Bear in mind you may "slip" the clutch as needed to learn a feel for it and it is always permissible to pull the lever back in after taking off. That second bit will save your ass from a lot of rookie screwups. I watch my brother damned near ride off a bridge 'cause he was concentrating so hard on letting the clutch out to take off without "killing" the engine.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Best Practices

Should be copied and expanded. These deep thinkers should be sent up to a national level office. Oh, wait.... that already happened.

From WGN news and the Chicago Tribune:

State reps want to fight violence with National Guard's help

So far this year, 113 people have been killed across Chicago, the same number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined in the same period, Fritchey said.

"As we speak, National Guard members are working side-by-side with our troops to fight a war halfway around the world," Fritchey said. "The unfortunate reality is that we have another war that is just as deadly taking place right in our backyard." While the National Guard has been deployed in other states to prevent violence related to specific events and protests, the Chicago legislators said they are unaware of guardsmen being deployed to assist with general urban unrest.

So how is it Chicago isn't a paradise on earth? Leftists have had their way in Chicago for the last half century. The streets are surely made of gold, the shiny science fiction future of communal living, urban planning, high "contributions", and suborning the individual to the state will take hold any minute now. You'll see. Really.

Fun News Day!

Two happenings are very interesting and, yes, amusing today:

1) From the Daily Mail: White racist lawyer stabbed to death by a black racist convict.


2)From Pravda: Chomsky warns US on the verge of becoming a new WWII Germany.

It is worth noting that both stories are from the foreign press, especially given that their perspective seems to be a view askance toward the US as an unstable entity.

Item one has me head scratching in that there is a so much going on it is nearly overwhelming to try to determine who the greater villain is. One one hand you have a white skinflint lawyer who keeps to himself locally apparently taking advantage of his neighbor's convict status to get some work done really cheap, on the other you have a black tribally decorated violent criminal who committed the public service of lawyercide.
You see why this is a tough nut? I have ommited the term "racist" from the description of both parties as it is useful a descriptor of an individual human as "bipedal".

Item two contains the following:
It's very similar to Weimar Germany, the parallels are striking." Here, too, there is a tremendous disappointment with the parliamentary system, pointed Chomsky interviewing on Truthdig.

"The United States is very lucky that no honest and charismatic figure has appeared, and if this were to happen this country would be in real trouble for the frustration, disillusionment and the justified anger combined with the absence of a coherent response," he concludes.

In Germany, he recalls, an enemy was created to explain the crisis which was the Jew. "Here they are the illegal immigrants and blacks. We will say that white men are a persecuted minority. We will say that we must uphold and defend the honor of the nation. Military force will be exalted. There will be blows. This could be converted into an undeniable force. And if it takes place, it will be more dangerous than Nazi Germany. The United States is a world power ... I do not believe that this is far from happening," he says.

This is interesting in that folks watching the US from afar have a take on the country that is far different from those among us who self identify as the most wise, cosmopolitan, and politically savvy; i.e. the non-classical liberal or leftist. To ask a modern leftist to put the US on an historical timeline with both the beginning and an endpoint will illicit only rapid eyelid flutter. They are very hard to jolt out of a mindset that includes an eternal economic system and an eternal representative government, both of which are obvious absurdities, but speak to the traditional historical ignorance of the left.

The only comment I have regarding Chomsky's characterization of the racial component of unrest in the US is the fact that the only folks not over the black/white thing are black folk. Now, if folks ever start to realize their beef isn't with illegals, but rather those who wish to drive down their labor costs by increasing the available workforce through the attraction of illegal immigrants, coupled with the ongoing Depression, then we are looking at something a bit more akin to France circa 1788 han the Wiemar Republic circa 1932. Though it must be mentioned in support of Chomsky's analysis that the US has already implemented the Gleichschaltung.