Saturday, October 24, 2009

Obama Comes Out Swinging for Flat Earth

The president is pushing hard for the latest global warming power grab in the face of record cold temperatures while declaring "overwhelming scientific evidence" and that "naysayers" are being marginalized.

It makes one wonder if the earth were presently experiencing a heat wave whether Obama would declare the converse to be true, i.e. that naysayers are being affirmed in their assertion global warming is hogwash. One would almost think treaties and laws affirming GW would have the power to alter observable reality given the hysteria with which the left is pursuing their enactment. The good news here, of course, is Obama can in no way be extricated from association with the global warming suckerfest. Opponents will shortly be able to gleefully hang his "flat earth" beliefs around his neck.

On a further note: Obama has declared a "National Emergency" - It bears looking into, but one wonders if this is the same type of declaration of emergency giving the government unfettered power those right wing nutjobs have been predicting for the last twenty years. The narrative gets weirder by the day.

Bill Wins the Science Fair!

Congratulations on your camera housing, Bill. I have no doubt you are already contemplating a MarkII rendition.

Feast your eye's, y'all, and be sure to make appropriately appreciative noises at Bill's technical prowess (Meaning: I expect y'all to render input of the same type Bill dispenses).

Seriously, they look great, Bill. Well, maybe the tone is a bit off....

Friday, October 23, 2009

Welldigger in his element.

Ass deep in junky cars.
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Rednecks love trackers.

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Ready to go back in

1.5L suzuki for Welldigger's tracker.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Breakin the law III

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Breakin' the law II

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An Aussie: Breakin' the Law!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Latest project!

What do you think?

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Attic elevator. So MrsJAC doesn't have to lug those boxes up those crappy fold down stairs.

The casting has to be supported along it's length, hence the location of the cross bars. That's a Miller 185 MIG and the welds are good. Deep, wide, and hot. I was thinking on relocating the crossbar position but the thought of digging through those welds stopped me cold. It ain't going anywhere.

It is now exactly 12" shorter - I cut the legs long so I could get everything located correctly before finalizing. The motors still need to be wired together and the final welds are not done. Got to floor the lift carriage and maybe put some light chain on three sides to keep the load from extending past the ceiling opening.

The hoist frame will come apart into four sections so it will fit into the attic to be reassembled there. Each end section will be cross braced, and the back will have a bolt in diagonal. Overkill, but it makes me happy. The entire apparatus weighs less than 100lbs including hoists and lift carriage.

I'll tell MrsJAC 200lbs max - (You could lift a dressed 350 no problem), paint it, trim it in and call it a day.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Messages From Beyond

Don't read this, Sarah.

The Mad Aussie has taken up temporary residence in Nashville, Tennessee with my sorry assed brother and Josh. Upon waking this afternoon:



hey dude


Jamie try to bugger you in your sleep?

your brother has not killed jamie yet, so I reckon that's good

no, he didn't, as I am not a sheep

So, he buggered Nathan in his sleep.


Is he smiling?



jamie is

nate was

then they buggered you.

check six man

no, my ass is unpenetrated

virginal, eh? Jamie swore he was gonna "go all deliverence on you."

he did, did he?


honest injun!

oh goody

I Found the Fount of Fat Guy Wisdom

6911 "Statements of Freedom" on the Harley-Borgison website.

A Harley Basher's Banner Bonanza!

Juan Ponce de León would not necessarily be impressed, but this is one of the most entertaining things I have stumbled upon in a long time.

My own submission for the Hairless-Borgison Statement of Freedom: