Saturday, August 29, 2009

The world we live in.

You might think this cop is an idiot. I think he just hasn't figured out there are things he's not supposed to say, even if they are true.

The man asking the cop questions hasn't adjusted to the new (evolving over the last 40 years) reality of life in the US. It's too late to fight these idiots, anyway. They won't be satisfied until the place truly is like Kenya.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Altogether Now:

NOBODY CARES. (Except the east coast yankee newsie scum.)

That the nation is so moved by the passing of Edward Moore Kennedy testifies to his skill, grace and determination at playing a role that must have been infinitely more difficult than it sounds: a prince fated never to be king.
- Washington Post

There was a poignant footnote to President Obama's historic July 10 meeting with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican. Behind closed doors in the papal library, Obama handed Benedict a letter that Senator Edward Kennedy had asked him to personally deliver to the pontiff.
The letter, most likely already re-sealed and tucked away in the Vatican archives, was probably just a dying Catholic's request for a papal blessing. In the eyes of the traditionalist wing of the Church, however, Kennedy should have been asking the Pope for forgiveness.
- Time

The Vatican Archives. Right. More like the roundfile. Further proof seculars project their worldview onto everyone they see. He did stuff the people on TV liked, and he was rich and powerful so God must have been impressed with him, too. I figure that's pretty much the rationale.

Teddy must have been feeling the heat; Bag 'em and tag 'em, boys. When you're number's up that money won't buy you one more damned second.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Covered Bridges of Kentucky

I don't think we found them all, but we got to all you could find in a day ride.

There is one toward the end that was restored in 1968 and still has wood peg construction. It is in daily and heavy use. Go figure.

It is interesting to note the different designs of the support structures. Two are wooden versions of what used to be very common steel short span bridges; the Fixed Arch and Queen Post are examples. Others are unique to wooden bridges such as the Kingpost Truss, the Howe Truss, and the Long Truss. Note the joints of the angled truss supports to the vertical beams in some of the close-up pictures.

The wood peg bridge is a very busy design and I can't figure which it is, but it looks like it may be a Quadrilateral Warren Truss.

Yes, ladies, I know it's boring.

Monday, August 24, 2009