Friday, May 28, 2010

A Tale of Two Floods

New Orleans:


'nuff said.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ow, ow, ow! or "Thank God for Ibuprofen"

There's a trail up in the Daniel Boone National Forest called "RedBird" that some fella's around the state decided to get together and ride. I tagged along on my trusty KLX250s. Little did I know I would be the only fella there with a green bike. It seems EVERYBOBY is riding Orange these days, and I can see why after playin' the role of the weak sister all day. Ordinarily, the KLX is the class of the field at a DS gathering, but the tight, mountain woods riding brought out the hardcore element within the community. Damn!, those guys are fast. Damn!, my shoulders are sore. And Double Damn!, I wish my calf muscles would quit cramping!

Only dropped the bike twice, which is two times more than it has hit the ground since I have owned it. This should give you an indication of how technical the trail is. Once at the BOTTOM the worst downhill - steep decline, two foot drops off rocks the entire descent - which I managed to complete upright and then promptly dropped the bike crossing a 6-inch log across the trail. Go figure.

Then there was this 20 foot long pool in the trail.... engine under water but still breathing, I gunned it WFO about the time the front wheel found a big rock and ripped the bars out of my hands. Splash! I managed to hit the kill switch before it could flood out, righted it, and rode out looking like some mud covered bog-monster. The rest of the group enjoyed that immensely.

I could tell I was holding back the fellas on the fancy orange bikes, so I bailed onto an intersecting blacktop. The GPS sent me off onto a dirt road called Bowen Creek Rd. Realize, I am thoroughly knackered by now. So, I'm haulin' ass down Bowen Creek Rd. for miles. And miles. When I finally come upon a toothless fella on a four wheeler. "Keep goin'", he says, "66 is a couple miles ahead. Just cross the river and it's right there." I thanked him for his help and continued on. Until, I saw "cross the river" didn't include a bridge.

Yes, I rode through the river. And yes, I was a contender for the Gold in sphincter tension, but it went a long way toward getting the bike clean again.

That God for ibuprofen.