Thursday, February 18, 2010


Mayor refuses invitation to meet Obama. I don't think that ever happened to Jimmy Carter.

Maybe he's afraid of the wookie......

Dude, I Don't Get It.

Just fucking leave. Don't destroy your home, your family, and your airplane - just fly the hell away.

Those who have figured out the deck is stacked and can no longer hide in a niche somewhere, having found themselves "noticed" by a tribe of manna hungry bureaucrats looking to make an example of another rube who didn't realize the judiciary is just the enforcement branch of the revenue service need to take the decision to leave. You can't fight city hall, and you damned sure can't fight the IRS. Just get the hell away from them.

Perhaps you won't live to the status you achieved in the states, but your children will have a father, your wife will have a husband.

Leave the sonsofbitches to each others company and amuse yourself with news of the self-destruction of the US from afar with the certitude it doesn't affect you or yours.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Like Apples and Gravity.....

Death Doctors follow socialized medicine.

The patient could have a terminal disease, like cancer. And patients at the "end of life" could be babies born with serious medical difficulties or seniors whose bodies are shutting down, one system after another.

"It's a cascade," Barrette said. "We can't invent it. We see it. There are safeguards."

Knowing someone personally who was in a position to fall under the needle for activation of a living will and then came to shortly after the decision was taken to "off" them , I suspect the docs are inflating their ability to predict outcomes and "you win some, you lose some" will be replaced with "you lose some" by the expedient of having any possible winners definately dead. Recently birthed babies are also mentioned in the article and this fits with the socialist tendency toward eugenics. Doctors are suckers for this kind of thing as it elevates them to the Godlike position of culling humans and that appeals to the hubris the practice of the healing arts tends to make one susceptible to. Don't think so? Talk to a woman whose unborn child has been diagnosed with Down's about the pressure and lies that were used to try to get her to abort the child.

As with any well intended authoritarian system there will be victims of mistakes and there will be victims of malicious action, both of which will be counted as cheap in the column of costs by Death Doctors and their proponents. It is worth noting that the mistakes will be dead as will the victims of malicious intent, so those unfortunate souls will be counted as evidence of the validity of a Death Doctor's eugenic quest.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Leftist Trifecta: "Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia"

The leftist trifecta, "racism, sexism and homophobia" will always occur in extended conversation with an educated idiot.

There are a few things going on whenever someone uses the trifecta in a sentence:

1) You can safely determine your conversational partner is historically ignorant. Those who preach against the left's three great sins of man against man (sexist; I know) possess no mental timeline or perception of the movement of history beyond what happened on "survivor" last week. When asked what perversion is to be normalized after adult consensual same sex buggery, you'll get only owlish blinking or protestations that the world will be perfect once buggery is equated to sexual reproduction. The same holds true for an inquiry as to which form of life equal protection under law shall next be extended. There is a reason the left dismisses the "slippery slope"; they don't possess the historical knowledge to perceive its existence.

2) Your conversational partner wants you to know he is perceptive of popular societal trends and his superior powers of perception have painstakingly discerned the day-glo green painted path the sheep are taking toward media trumpeted enlightenment.

3) The moron is testing your reaction to determine whether you, too, have seen the subtle clues of endless repetition and stunningly original dramatic portrayals of morally, intellectually, and ethically superior women, black folk, and homosexuals. Failure to acknowledge the grave danger posed by the triumvirate as a given will be taken as evidence evil has not yet been stamped out in the world and as reason to continue on the path toward eugenics.

4) The idiot uses the leftist trifecta to determine if you are the consummate intellectual he so desperately wants you to perceive him to be.

The above are to be applied only to the willfully ignorant and incurious. Not everyone in a stupidity trap is there by design and may yet learn better.

Update: When the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality as a diagnosis from their DSM in 1973 it left an empty space: Intolerance Disorder. Dissent as a mental disorder; now who would have thought of that? (besides Lenin)