Saturday, March 21, 2009

Holed up in Hohenwald

Rainman, Dave and I are feastin'
Large at The Junkyard Dog Steakhouse in Hohenwald Tennessee. Filet Mignon/Shrimp combo for 14.95.


Wish you were here.

Starting the trace


Gumbo Rally

Never one to leave folks out, I called my little brother last night...

J:Hey, Nate! Wanna get some Gumbo?

N:Dude it's gonna be nasty tomorrow. In the 60's and crap. (Nate is spoiled by Tennessee weather.

J:That's why we're leavin', dumbass.

N: .......

J: ....well?

N: Workin' on it..... (The wheels of computation tick over. Responsibilities are shunted for childcare, yardcare, housecare, calendar obligations are all in the mix; a sticky amalgam of all the things depending upon on a husband and father.)

J: ...... ahem.

N: ..chill!... When're you talkin' about leaving? (The wanderlust has taken hold. This is a powerful pull; Dad's a truckdriver and our wives secretly fear we will, too, one day yield to the pursuit of the fleeing horizon. Irresponsibility, whimsy, and caprice raise their heads to sniff the winds for opportunity.)

J: Noonish. Gotta get a liitle heat in the air.

N: .. Do you wanna borrow the KLX?

J: Nah, I'm good on the BMW......

N: You sure?

J: Look, I'll bring you back a T-shirt or somethin'.....

N: Fuck you you fuckin' fucker!

J: (I try not to laugh. There is the wisp of a possibly that a stifled snort makes it through the ether. This is the best part of these conversations for me. It is always better to be the tempter than the tempted. Lest you have sympathy for Nate's plight you may rest assured the shoe has been on the other foot. He's got it comin'. In spades.)

N: .........I'll make some phone calls.

J: Later man.

N: See ya'.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Environmental Criminal Unmasked

The Evil Earth!

Can somebody explain to me how "Cap and Trade" will be administered with regard to this greenhouse gas producer? Will the "Cap" for everyone else based upon the total official gubmint quantity minus what the Evil Earth spews? Or will the omnipotent obama command the Evil Earth to lower its emissions, or else?

I predict a coalition of hippies and neocons joining forces to convince obama that a War on Volcanoes is a worthy project and a fitting legacy. We have to get this Evil Earth thing under control before it kills..... the Earth! Something must be done! There oughta be a law!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Socialized Medicine: Just What the Doctor Ordered

I know examining an instance where an idea has already been put into practice to evaluate its efficacy is counterintuitive for emoting masses and counterproductive to politicians' goal of extending gubmint control into every facet of our lives, but let's do it anyway.

Britain has been all in with socialized medicine and is one of the bright and shiny places the left holds up as doing things better than us. It seems the British are much more tolerant of little things like, oh.. say, being killed off than the average american.

According to the linked story a hospital in Stafford England has been killing off patients at a high rate due to poor care, lack of care, negligence and Lord knows what the "official report" deigned to leave out. The number 1200 dead in three years
than would be expected is what caught my eye.

The Prime Minister is apologizing his ass off to the dead people and telling them it will never happen again. Of course, it only needs to happen once for any one of us and all the apologies in the world will fall on dead ears.

The instructive thing in this situation is to realize that to a leftist the article proves the British system is functioning well in that the government discovered the shortcomings of the facility and moved to correct them within its established program. The most damning conclusion any socialist will draw is that the review interval could use a little tweaking. The conscious among us know the linked result is as inevitable as it is insane.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AIG Bonuses and the Obamatons: We know we didn't know what we knew

Word of the day:

incredulity, disbelief, skepticism, mental rejection (doubt about the truth of something)

So, which is it? Are they the smartest, most well informed, best educated folk in the universe? or are they a bunch of nihilists spouting off about their nonexistent qualifications and qualities in a perpetual amplified feedback loop with the Old Media?

It can't be both... unless this is one of those "nuance" type of situations where what is isn't, but it really is, sort of. That's the way the idea of hoe the Super Scholar Genius Man of the World was unaware huge financial companies paid their executives 7 figure bonuses is being sold.

The sheer convolution required of the damage control effort is something to behold when the reality is probably something closer to the fact that leftists are accustomed to carrying on their shenanigans without criticism (as is evidenced by the thin skin the shiny new president exhibits) and often with active cover from the Old Media either through omission or outright propogation of what passes for rationales among leftists.

Here's what happened: The new fedgov bosses are gleefully throwing money to their fatcat pals all over the financial sector in appreciation for and anticipation of major campaign contributions. Somebody noticed chunks of that cash were going straight into the pockets of the financial companies' officers (same fatcat pals referenced above). That's not what caused the trouble in the Obamanation. What caused the trouble in Obamanation is........ somebody cared. The Obamatons aren't used to the idea folks in large numbers might take exception to their business as usual slimey payola practices. Yes, I know both parties play this game but the other expects to get hammered.

Pull up a chair and we'll watch the next act of the sitcom. What do you want to bet it will all end up being a plot by a right wing extremist(s) taking advantage of Joe sixpack's inability to comprehend the intricacies of high finance? Which, of course, is a good reason for leaving this complicated stuff up to the better judgement, higher intelligence, superior skill, and incisive insight of Obama and the Obamatons. Oh, look, we're back on message!