Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Why They Look at You Funny When You Talk About a Free Country

From Facebook:

Cynthia Proffitt
TO: Laurie Berg

ME TO YOU: Laurie, this country has NEVER been "free." This country's people have paid taxes since it's inception - hardly free. The authors of the Constitution were NOT against paying taxes that's WHY they put the right for Congress to levy taxes IN the Constitution. Seriously, did YOU really think our Founding Fathers were against taxation? You couldn't be MORE WRONG.

BTW: YOU highlight the fact that Palin is just like all the other politicians when YOU justify Palin's hypocrisy by comparing HER HYPOCRISY with other politicians hypocrisy.

"Free" country! You can't make this shit up.

Cynthia goes on to take on all comers in much the same way in a Palin Facebook thread. Hell, if an affirmative action moron can be president surely Cynthia can be a pundit.

When You Lawyer Up to Hide Data You're Liein'

Penn State's response to a Climategate FOIA request:

Expect some high falutin' rational such as, "The data belongs to someone else", or "private emails (on a public owned computer)", but also expect the arrogance displayed to not go unnoticed by the body politic even in pennsylvania.

State Universities are all the time gettin' too big for their britches, and need to be occasionally reminded where the money comes from as illustrated by UK's recent firing of a student employee for having his pistol in his car. For some reason schools feel ideologically bound to the practice of violating the civil rights of their students and employees. Must be a Mao thing.