Saturday, December 19, 2009

Avatar 3d

The 3d effects are truly amazing, plentiful, and truly integrated into the movie without the normal 3 or 4 "gee-whiz" moments most 3d films get by on. It is a different movie going experience and may turn out to be where cinema is headed in the near future. The 3d effects are literally everywhere on the screen at all times and put you in the scenes. They make a theatre screen seem small. Now, if they could figure out how to do it without making everyone wear goofy glasses.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Don't Flip Out

It's not like I went to Cocomment, but when the commenting system changes, feel free to express opinions; they will be duly noted and then ignored. At least 'til I can figure out how to fix it.....

Update: comments in order. I think.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The British Bulldog: Lord Monckton takes on Al Gore, Dawkins, The Left

Brutal. Simply Brutal.

The man should be Prime Minister.

Uh-oh. Here Comes the "Gulfo".

“The US dollar has failed. We need to delink,” said Nahed Taher, chief executive of Bahrain’s Gulf One Investment Bank.

In what has to be an "Oh Shit." moment for the Barak Cater/Obama administration, the arabs have declared their own currency to set the value of oil contracts. That is, if they are smart enough to know this is a bad thing.

By All Means, Ladies, Vote More Power to the State

These comments follow an article in the Daily Mail on a British midwife's tell-all of the conditions in maternity wards across the UK:

I had my little girl when we lived in London and it was so appalling it has put me off of having any more children. My poor midwife was on a 12 hour shift looking after 8 ladies in various stages of labour. Mine was a complicated delivery. I tore my perineum, was bleeding heavily and my baby was positioned "back to back" in my womb which caused excruciating pain. She had called for an anaesthetist to give me an epidural for the pain and in preparation if I had to have an emergency caesarian. The poor woman also had to contend with a very verbal and very unpleasnat family who accused her of being rascist for not giving enough attention to their relative, despite the fact that out of the 8 ladies she was attending, there was only myself and another white lady there!! She had no break since she started, nor had she been able to go to the loo in over 6 hours! When will the government wake up and address this situation? We are fast becoming a "third world country" in regards to health care!

I have today just been discharged from a maternity unity where I was admitted at 33 weeks pregnant with complications. Thankfully, I'm ok, but I was absolutely astonished with what I saw.
I was admitted by ambulance and put into bed by the paramedics; it was then 6 hours before I saw a doctor and she had just broken down in tears due to working non-stop for 11 hours with no break. That was Sunday. The staff are completely overworked and exhausted. On Monday, I saw no registrar or doctor as promised until after 1pm and I was toId I'd have to wait another 24 hours for my 'emergency' scan.
I asked 8 times in as many hours for pain reflief and only got it when I crawled to the desk and demanded help with tears streaming down my face. The midwife was so apologetic and said she knew we were all being neglected and encouraged us to write. I got my scan due to constant badgering of the poor staff and12 hours later am discharged. The whole painful procedure took 3 days to get 28 panadol.

Its all very well whistleblowing but it is midwives like YOU who get fed up and want a better lives for THEMSELVES and not for mothers by going off to work in a PRIVATE hospital. Why not stay at the NHS and be one of the midwives that promotes change. The NHS needs good midwives and by giving up on the majority of mums who cannot afford private care then how will the service get any better?????? You claim that you left the NHS to properly care for mums but it sounds like you didn't want the challenge that our NHS faces and you just wanted a cushy life for yourself and more money. I am not against private (I had my own kids privately) but if you were a good midwife you would've stayed and envoked change for the sake of all mums who cannot afford that choice.