Monday, September 14, 2009

Are these People Ever Going to Think Enough to Feel Stupid?

"We are the world" gang sings for global warming.

How much longer before the cold sinks in?

You know, the KGB were the worlds foremost practitioners and students of the hypnotic state and I'm beginning to wonder if these morons ever spent any time in a soviet gulag.

The Left Hand and The Right Hand

As an example of the two halves of our one party system working together take the brooha over the Obamacare glitch regarding illegal aliens:

Step 1)
The Socialist Democratic Party crafts a bill to cover illegal aliens' healthcare expenses. The Socialist Republican Party squawks publically. The SDP disputes this and points to language in the bill.

Step 2)
The Socialist Republican party protests there is no verification of citizenship required prior to treatment.

Step 3)
National ID card.

Comrade, your papers, please!