Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mikesbo NOT playing fair

OK, I'll hit you with another one Smile

This is at Lincoln City on the Oregon coast between Newport and Tilamook (haven't made it to either yet, too much damned rain). It was another, VERY, rare 60 degree sunny day a couple of weeks ago...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bill Bennett Thinks Folks Have a Really Short Memory

In these times of high "throw the bums out" sentiment, Bill Bennett just pinched a loaf behind the dumpster and he thinks pedestrians should pretend they smell roses.

To say the GOP and the Democrats are no different, to say the GOP needs to hit a recovery-program-type bottom and hang its head in remorse, is to delay our own country’s recovery from the problems the Democratic left is inflicting. The stakes are too important to go through that kind of exercise, which will ultimately go nowhere anyway — because it’s already happened.

"It" most certainly has NOT happened. What Bill Bennett's letter exemplifies is the "R" party attempting to pull present anti-government sentiment under it's umbrella by the simple act of lying "We heard you". Move along; nothing new to see here. Folks are probably dumb enough to fall for it. Again.

More and more, folks are figuring out the Republican party and the Democratic party are the same. To claim they are different because one rushes headlong toward some socialist or corporatist proposal and the other pussy-foots up to it is absurd. Anyone conscious for the past 15 years has seen the bait and switch in action wherein "d" party pushes for "x" implementation while party "r" opposes, only to have party "r" implement "x" the first chance they get when ascended to power and vice versa. Ever heard of NAFTA? Socialized drug benefit?

The "r" faction of the central party apparatchiks will learn to incorporate some "Ron Paul" speak on the economy on Sunday talk shows and both factions will continue backing whatever foreign adventures and wall street handouts are on the table.

Two halves of the same whore-bought coin. Both parties are owned by bankers and financiers, pander to minorities, and pay lip service to their grass roots constituents while betraying them at the first opportunity. Follow the money.

While writing to refute the assertion of a bifactional central party Bennett takes great pains to insure folks understand the speaker he refers to was an alcoholic, and not just an alcoholic but one who is violating the "rules" of "recovery". So much for honest, principled discourse from the "R" faction. "Don't pay any attention to him! He's a drunk!"

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