Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Proof of a Worthwhile Post

The good ones always go to boobs:

Professor Hale on emergency procedures for snakebite victims:
Also, if the bite victim is a lady, remove her bra. The swelling can get mighty painful.
Today, 1:16:42 PM

Bill expands on the premise:
Heck, I do that for everything, along with some palpitations to check for tenderness... "Excuse me ma'am, you broke a fingernail? I'll have to remove your shirt and bra to see if there are further complications, often the shock travels up your arm to your shoulder."
Today, 1:32:46 PM

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

High Steppin' in Alabama

It's safe to say this Western Diamondback is one Damned Big Snake;

Welldigger sent this a few days ago; It's a picture of the Rattler he an a buddy happened upon while out looking for 'gators. Now, when something is so bad as to scare ya' shitless whilst out lookin' for 'Gators then it's one of Gods creatures been breathin' a mite too long.

Welldigger said it scared him so bad he forgot he was carryin' a shotgun!

Bear in mind the fella holding the snake is 6'3" and the rattler is big around as the man's thigh....