Wednesday, November 11, 2009

South Park Slips Harley Cult the Red Pill

In case you missed it, Southpark did an episode on harley owners. The plot revolved around the common perception that harley riders are fags and in their typical merciless fashion Matt and Trey went for the jugular. The story goes so far as to have the kids demand the definition of "fag" be revised to mean "harley rider".

It was obvious the harleyfags response to the episode would be damned near as funny as the show and the bucketheads did not disappoint.

Below is an example of what occupies the column "borderline genius" on the harley owner bell curve.

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Not to over-analyze something, but here is where I "think" they went with this. They key point to the episode was not the Harley riders, but how ridiculous the word "***" has gotten. So, to mess with how uptight people have gotten over the word, they decided to pick an image that is opposite of the the person that is upset over the use of the word right now. Then have the kids call bikers ***s since they are one of the less likely people to be called ***s given the current use of the word. Heck, they spelled this out by having them look up the use of the world throughout history in the dictionary.

At the same time we all know that there is the image of the biker with the crazy loud pipes that likes to crack the throttle at every intersection, so why not pick a "macho" target that you can make fun of as well. Heck, while they were at it they could make fun of the "poser" element of motorcycles as well by having them be so eager to be noticed.

It was a funny episode. Bike-curious had me cracking up.

They are in denial. Dude, everybody has figured out you are a bunch of fags. That's all.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bad Ass Saw

I am currently pondering this saw (model 805) for addition to my pitifully meager tool collection:

Wait for it....

"Cop Killer" gun used!

And look - it only took four idiots at ABC (MATTHEW COLE, PIERRE THOMAS, JASON RYAN, and RICHARD ESPOSITO) to uncover this SHOCKING and UNEXPECTED twist to the story. Is there a merit badge or something similar they give out to supposed journalists for plagiarizing gungrabber propaganda?

The comment thread is rippin' 'em a new asshole, but I enjoyed the following the most:

"Using the same implied logic of this article - that guns are 'cop killers' as opposed to the criminals/terrorists who wield them - then I guess we should also outlaw teleprompters that destroy countries.
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dez_sez Nov-9"