Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Lovely Long-Suffering Lady Inquires:

Pardon the ignorance, but what's the point of camo on someone riding a really loud bike?
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This is, of course, re: the military motorcycle posted below.

1) Camouflage is useless against terrain while in motion.
The human eye is drawn to motion and outline (visible boundaries). Camouflage serves to breakup an outline against a natural background rendering an appropriately camouflaged entity invisible, or nearly so, to the naked eye. The second it moves it becomes visible against the background, in fact it commands attention from the human eye. Therefore, the camo is for when not riding.

2) The KLR is not loud.
The audio was probably boosted during editing for entertainment value. A stock KLR muffler sounds remarkably like an old Volkswagen Beetle and has a "tweety" sound. I can understand the confusion here as my KLR is very vocal and does not conceal it's considerable power delivery.


I guess ya' gotta give a girl credit for participating in a motorcycle discussion, though.

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