Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Glory

Welldigger and I got our shit together about noon yesterday and headed out for lunch and a ride to parts unknown. We're not takin' about far flung exploration here, just some little traveled roads and out of the way places ya' pass by driving from point A to point B.
We pulled into a gyro resturant and stuffed ourselves. Good call by 'Digger there though I'm not one for cullinary exploration.

Update: Pics at Nate's Peep Paradise!

We ran some backroads on the way to meet up with Nate in Chapel Hill and it became quickly clear that Digger's sportbike was not confidence inspiring on the gravel strewn and rippled blacktop curves. Not a problem for the SwampThing as it loves to slide. I passed him and upon reaching the next stopsign got the quote of the day:

I don't think draggin' your foot is hardly fair.

I'll harrass Nate into postin' some pics.

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