Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Black Folks in Charge

To a conservative individual the fact that something doesn't work on a small scale is an obvious indicator it won't work on a large scale. A liberal, on the other hand, upon seeing an implemented idea fail locally will always espouse the idea that it will still work but only if universally applied.

I give you the microcosm:

Helena Arkansas is under a 24hr per day curfew; Mayor James Valley has effectively declared martial law:

Thursday night, 18 to 20 police officers carrying M-16 rifles, shotguns and night-vision scopes patrolled the "curfew zone." They arrested about eight people and confiscated drugs and loaded weapons.

The Macrocosm:

Remember the old jokes about "Stupid signs"? A fella is said to have done something stupid and the comedian hams the line, "Here's your sign!" somewhat akin to the running "You might be a redneck..." gags.


Here's your sign:

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