Friday, September 05, 2008

"These guys are dangerous"

Louisiana still hasn't repented from it's gun confiscating ways.

There are risks to exercising one's rights, especially in this society where those educated in modern and particularly leftist leaning schools have become public officials and law enforcement officers. Folks who have the authority to arrest you (no sense in using the word "illegitimately" here as it has been proven time and again damned near any bullshit excuse will do), incarcerate you, prosecute you, and imprison you have been taught the leftist "way things should be" as the way they are.

The linked example is an isolated incident where right won out - in the end, but don't be fooled. The fifteen or twenty grand the city dished out is regarded as just a cost of doing business which they will no doubt pass along to mall management (if the management didn't actually write the check in the first place) and the amount is undisclosed so local taxpayers can't get pissed off enough to raise hell.

So, the lesson folks take from this story is, "Carry your gun - get arrested" which will have the effect the cops, mall management, and city officials (elected and otherwise) desired of prohibiting the casual implementation of open carry. No one with someplace to be is going to opt for strapping their pistol on for a quick stop by the mall. Then again, if you are looking to buy a new motorcycle and have a day and a half to kill.....

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