Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Rubber Meets the Road

Dick Morris is always close if not spot on with reporting of the true intentions and results of the calculated and cynical machinations of our political leaders. Obama's intended demographic shift will make the US just another Euro-trash collection of bums dependent upon the government teet for all our needs.

And he will so sharply cut taxes on the middle class and the poor that the number of Americans who pay no federal income tax will rise from the current one-third of all households to more than half. In the process, he will create a permanent electoral majority that does not pay taxes, but counts on ever-expanding welfare checks from the government. The dependency on the dole, formerly limited in pre-Clinton days to 14 million women and children on Aid to Families with Dependent Children, will now grow to a clear majority of the American population.

Next comes the back-door implementation of the leftist wonder drug; !Euthanasia!, through the overburdening of our healthcare system.

Without a lot more doctors, nurses, clinics, equipment and hospital beds, health resources will be strained to the breaking point. The people and equipment that now serve 250 million Americans and largely neglect all but the emergency needs of the other 50 million will now have to serve everyone. And, as government imposes ever more Draconian price controls and income limits on doctors, the supply of practitioners and equipment will decline as the demand escalates. Price increases will be out of the question, so the government will impose healthcare rationing, denying the older and sicker among us the care they need and even barring them from paying for it themselves. (Rationing based on income and price will be seen as immoral.)

Mr Morris has been a voice in the wilderness of the mainstream media of late and you would do well to heed this insider's knowledge and insight.

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