Friday, August 07, 2009

Only in America....

...can you get to be 70 years old without figuring out government isn't the "by the people, for the people" warm, fuzzy, maternal entity they told you about in grammar school.

Drudge is covered up with hellraisin' "town hall" meetings about the government takeover of the medical industry, and it's the oldsters givin' the guff with snotty do-gooders who know what's best for us on the receiving end.

The delicious irony here is these blossoming curmudgeons are the same folk who have been standing around with their hands out and shifting responsibility for their own well being more and more to these same type party hacks for decades.

The bright side of all this is it gives the lie to the idea that what is deemed to be undesirable public opinion can be managed in extremis, whereby folks are pacified by platitudes and hippy soviet style propaganda, sort of the scientific approach to public opinion or what I see as an attempt at management in a void of leadership. I guess the Obama crew will have to replace "Like, it's 2009!" and "That's so yesterday."

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