Thursday, October 29, 2009

Change You Can Believe In

Seems folk in East St. Louis figure with a half-black man in the whitehouse they shouldn't be expected to hide their desire to leave whitey out in the cold anymore. The mayor was a bit too overt in his desire to keep the blood pure within his sphere of civic influence.

"[The] defendants thereafter fired all of the candidates hired by [Frazer and Murphy] and hired several new officers and employees based on their racial and political beliefs," the suit alleges.

East St. Louis is a pest hole of crime running the gamut from a to z and I guess it is only natural, given a community policing philosophy, that drug dealers and theives should be policed by those of similar backgrounds.

10 police officers hired in June 2008, two had criminal histories — and that one of the two took the oath of office while sought on an outstanding arrest warrant for domestic battery.

I guess it's Africa here now and the white folk just haven't gotten the message. What other explanation is there?

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