Thursday, December 31, 2009

Not Only is the TSA an Incompetent Herd of Brown Shirt Wannabes, They Don't think You Should Notice

After a stroke of genius caused Obama's Janet Reno body double to issue a directive that all non-arab appearing folk be groin groped ("upper leg" pat down) and that terrorists should not detonate their explosive devices up to an hour prior to landing the TSA want's to know who leaked that top secret protective information.

Were the directive useful as a safety measure and not just as a means to submit the American Sheep Herd to even more humiliating degradation at the hands of government employees and something the ragheads could not discover for themselves the first time they sent one of their own through the process for the specific purpose of casing the joint, I could see being a bit touchy about a new protocol being leaked. That's not what went on here.

The liberal mindset, running unfettered in a position of power and in the full light of day (not used to that, are they?!) issued what, to it, was a telling blow to the terrorist (hereafter to be known as Man Made Disaster) organizations looking to do the flying public harm. Folks noticed. The directive was exposed to reason and ridicule on a grand scale and nothing, No Thing, is more important to the "progressive" than to be thought smart and clever (more specifically -smarter than thou) so another directive went out to legally harass those who would presume to let folk in on the joke that is airport security.

Can't you just picture a Power Point Presentation where some fella is pointing to a graph showing that 90% of all terrorist attacks (Man Made Disaster Occurrences) occur within the last hour of flight, to which Janet Reno's body double comments, "So, all we have to do is make passnegers sit perfectly still during the last hour of flight and that will prevent 90% of all Man Made Disaster Occurences?! Right! Do it!"

To come: forced sedation for all air travelers. It for your own safety and if it's good enough for school children it's good enough for you.

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