Thursday, December 10, 2009

One can be very stupid and still have a knack for stringing words together

Take this article by Thomas Freidman in the nytimes in which he states:

Soon after Suskind’s book came out, the legal scholar Cass Sunstein, who then was at the University of Chicago, pointed out that Mr. Cheney seemed to be endorsing the same “precautionary principle” that also animated environmentalists. Sunstein wrote in his blog: “According to the Precautionary Principle, it is appropriate to respond aggressively to low-probability, high-impact events — such as climate change. Indeed, another vice president — Al Gore — can be understood to be arguing for a precautionary principle for climate change (though he believes that the chance of disaster is well over 1 percent).”

Given one is even gullible enough to believe the AGW/CC hucksters the point this obtuse ass is missing is that the medicine is worse than the disease. Oh, he believes the Green Santa Clause will descend upon the world if we just believe hard enough and screw up all the worlds economies, food production, energy production, reproductive rights, civil rights, basic freedom from bureaucratic interference in everyone's lives, and leave energy independence, byproduct free manufacturing, electric cars, workable wind and solar power under our replantable tree. But the best part is this moron somehow equates this nations people kowtowing to their overreaching self-appointed "betters" with becoming "stronger, more innovative".

Strength through surrender. How French. Has to be a Star Trek fan.

Copenhagen is even going to save the dollar. 'Cause, ya' know, myriad and huge taxes and high energy prices have always spurred economic activity. Uh-huh.

Give thomas a pom-pom and take away his keyboard, please.

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