Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Another ubiquitous beach trip.

Life's a bitch.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre


WaterBoy said...

JAC's next bike:

Michael Maier said...

JAC, how are you doing Blogger updates via your Pre? What app do you use?

JACIII said...

No app. Email to blogger address.

Michael Maier said...


I figured it was an app because it always seems to say "-- Sent from my Palm Pre".

Bill said...

Hey, while you slackers are relaxing at the beach, other people are doing actual useful cool shit.  Check this out (be SURE to watch the video, super cool!!);


Mikesbo said...


This thing was in excellent condiion. That exhaust had its twin on the other side. Based on that and condition, I'd say this guy is probably making a wee bit more than stock, which means it'll go like stink and then some.

Yamaha moved the engine closer toward the front on the RD400 to try and tame the unintended wheelie proclivity of the RD350. My first bike was the grand-daddy of this one, the YDS3.

Anonymous said...

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