Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Go and read some Austrian Economists instead of the funny papers!"

I have been more than a little amused by the narrative since the multiple stimuli have been shown to be abject failures wasted against our depressed economy. Calls are almost universal from on high for "belt tightening" and "deficit reduction" now that the fat rats have run off with the cheese wheel. Of course you stop spending now! For pity's sake the credit cards are all full and the checking account is bone dry!

All they are really saying is, "We partied. Now you pay for it, Chump."


Mikesbo said...

It's like watching one of those old-ish MTV reality shows or orange county choppers (whatever it was called) or the like. Bad behavior for the sake of bad drama. Nobody even cares what they're saying. The guys who screwed us all are mad as hell and not going to take it any more.

EP said...

Sounds like how I would imagine a yankee family reunion.

I'm sure JAC could make a better anology with Harley reunions.

WaterBoy said...

"<span>Sounds like how I would imagine a yankee family reunion."</span>
<span>Naw, EP...that's just everyday life, for us. :-P </span>

JACIII said...

'Cept you wouldn't have one of them making sense.