Friday, September 17, 2010

Times Change.People Don't

It i has always been the hope and faith of primitive peoples that their chosen god would control the weather in their favor:

It took the leftist a little longer to work up to asking their god "Government" to do so than most, but one must admit they did finally get around to it.


WaterBoy said...

Nice link -- I think my eyeballs turned a full 360 rolling up into my brain and back around again.

Even if there were any kind of "disruption", the carload of clowns that have been handling its PR has certainly guaranteed that nobody will give a fig about it.

JN said...

...the carload of clowns that have been handling its PR has certainly guaranteed that nobody will give a fig about it

Apparently they never heard of "The little boy who cried wolf"

Mikesbo said...

What I want to know is, what happened to "global climate change?" Did they completely forget about that name-change or what? It's obviously even less spooky than "global warming", and we all know there needs to be a scary bad-thing for everybody to run to the gov to fix, but still...

Hey, let's pick a really good one for them while we're all at it:

* Global Climate Crash
* Global Climate Disaster
* Global Climate Apololypse (yeah!)

oh, maybe just stick man made in front of them all, like this:

* Man Made Global Climate Crash
  - (because we all know women would never do such a thing)

Now you start to get some good acronyms as well: MMGCC, now that sounds scary!

Mikesbo said...

And while I'm at it, this reminds me of something I read/heard this week regarding why the American people are not up in arms about the financial scandals currently happening, while they were with something as comparitively minor as bugging an office or apartment (like, that's even LEGAL now under the "Patriot Act").

The reason is, to sum it up, people are just burned out on it all. How many crises and pending disastors, never mind those poor baby seals, whales, "sea kittens" and all, can the average man get righteously worked up about before he not only begins to doubt the sincerity/reality of his betters, but could frankly simply give a $#*! less?

I don't know if the objective was always to saturate the masses into submission, throw so much wrongdoing at them they can't possible respond to it all and hold down a job, or if it's simply the fact that the gov is now so huge, it has the machinery with no other purpose than to "create" and vocalize emergencies, that it just can't help it.

We're looking pretty sunk aournd here: Glubb, glubb, glubb...

JACIII said...

I'm going with Global Climate Catastrophe or "GCC".

EP said...

Good point, how about that swine flu thing last year. They had to destroy 500 million doses because very few people believed them and didn't get the shot.

A cuople of months ago Arizona anounced that they were taking down their speed limit cameras, because of the non clompliance of paying the fine by the people and it became unprofitable to operate.

The State needs to realize that it will more likely lose it's power through non compliance than civil rebelion. It's a hell of alot easier to not do than it is to do.

Anonymous said...

Or, GC2.

Mikesbo said...

Don't forget the "Man Made" bit, though. It works with anything!

Darlin' Joy said...

JAC!!  You HAVE to check my blog!  It's hilarious!

Bill said...

Regarding our discussion about the rattlesnake; 

Note that the experts say Brown Recluse spiders are not found in New York, yet this lady found 12 in her apartment.

Mikesbo said...

<span>Can we even imagine what kind of evil will come of this:;_ylt=AnxCVrpQ_EH8kjpDcVLzJekEtbAF;_ylu=X3oDMTJwdGNzdmV1BGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAxMDAxL3VzX2Z1ZWxfZWZmaWNpZW5jeQRwb3MDMzAEc2VjA3luX3BhZ2luYXRlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDNjJtcGdmb3JuZXdj  
What's next? "The government introduced new legislation which wil require all human farts smell like lilacs by the year 2025."

<span>Say, everyone should be able to afford a house of their very own! What could possibly go wrong with that?
Interfering with the free market; it's what government does.</span>