Thursday, November 04, 2010

!!!!Obama Blog Update!!!!

er, or not.

It is the tendency of the left to overreach, declare the revolution come to pass and act accordingly; shedding all restraint. Some few, OK, a LOT of their fellow travelers in congress get to play kamikaze legislator, but their dreams of free everything for everybody at no cost to anybody moved one step closer to their imbecilic perception of reality. This perennial overreach allowed the electorate ( even some yankees!) to realize yet again that "a chicken in every pot" really means "I eat steak and you go hungry" and expressed its displeasure in the voting booth.

As much as I enjoy the whining and "end of the world" carping, objectively not much has changed: The legislative and executive branches are still open for the usual fee-for-service and money-for-nothing arrangements with financial sector executives, the campaign to devalue the dollar in your pocket will proceed apace, war in perpetuity is under no threat of ceasefire, the judicial branch will continue to just make shit up, no government handout is in serious jeopardy (other than "full faith and credit" sounding more and more like "checks in the mail"), and The One still knows his way around a teleprompter. So, why the tears, Nancy?


EP said...

Why is Obama traveling with a bunch of CEO's to India to encorage them to open shop there. Too many jobs here? It's crazy JAC. Finger the bankers or they will bend us over.

thimscool said...

There is no reasonable option but to keep on conducting biz as normal while preparing for the Abby Normal and then doing what is right and necessary.

We might have differnt ideas about what needs to happen abstractly, but I'll grant the weakness of the current system when it comes to the "chicken in every pot". Just let me know what idea you've got to stop the "I get steak and you go hungry" crowd from taking over whatever system evolves. No system? That's where we're headed.

What we need is love of God and eachother. What we have is fear of eachother and love of ourselves and (sometimes) immediate familes.

Why did God stop manefesting directly 1900+ years ago? We have to figure it out ourselves, I guess,,, since we're so smart. No help unless you pray.

I know EP would say that God does still manefest directly, but without "physical evidence" like it used to be, we're left with secular skepticism and endlessly bifurbicating denominations. We need some more burning bushes, We're being tested. We fail.

When it resets, I'll try to make an oasis in NC. I'm not hopeful tho. Got my food and water ready at least. Good luck and God bless, JAC.

JACIII said...

The banksters are looking to shit another nest?

JACIII said...

It has little to do with a system, but everything to do with human nature. So long as folk seek to  change their fellow man into something he cannot be there will necessarily be evil perpetuated on an industrial scale.</span>

Hope for a "soft" reset, then.

EP said...


There is a movie called crossroads, which I just started about <span>Robert Johnson</span>, which was famed by Skynyrd where Robert Johnson (Mississippi delta blues) He supposedly sold his soul to the Devil. Yes Robert Johnson still lives on, and he knew that there comes a point in life where a man comes to those crossroads and chooses which side. Robert Johnson never saw the Devil or made a deal with him he was just telling the truth.

Google the "Blue Shoe Project", I donate to them as they come to our schools (epsecialy here in Texas) and teach children  where our music came from.

thimscool said...

Yeah, I guess my approach has always been: "Well if you're going to allow that (limited liability) then you need to accept this (regulation)." Classical (early 20th century) liberalism. Maybe it would be better to not allow that and demand this in the first place, sicne it sets up an arbiter that can just be bought off.

In the past, when I had such a thought, I always retorted that without pooling capital (and controls against pooled capital), we would be weak vs. adversaries (like the Soviets). Now days I wonder about that... (thanks a lot).

It does strike me though that the rollback solution of eliminating government support of business (limited liability, subsidies, government contracts) would neccessitate having a pretty powerful enforcement of tort in cases where the damage done by large a organization of capital screws the little guy (shit in your stream).  That tort enforcement would require a big stick and therefore money. So again we're back to the same dilemma. If the dogs guard the hen house, who keeps control of the dogs. As you say, not their better nature.

I dunno. I make IT soultions. Biz is booming for me, even as I watch a third of my clients sink into the mud. I guess I just keep plugging away and pray for a soft reset, as you say. Doesn't sound likely to me though.

WaterBoy said...

Nice.  So the Pre is the one to get, eh?

Posted from my HP without any extraneous material.

Giraffe said...

So, why the tears, Nancy?

Because the bitch lost the house.

Michael Maier said...

I love Crossroads. 80's cheese at its best, with the Karate Kid in the starring role.