Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mainstream Fiction Authors Shouldn't Preach

I red alot. Sometimes. I go on binges of 3 to 5 novels and then won't read anything but blogs and Drudge for weeks. One of the effects of having read so much is that I am continually looking for new authors for fresh material.
There is no fresh material in my favorite genre: military fiction. I began reading military fiction when I realized SF had gone to the tree huggers (Micheal Crichton excepted) and so escaped to the alternative of battlescape prose.
Alas, these have become formulaic with the authors not-so-subtley preaching one social issue de jure after another and the protaganist being a white male of redneck perspective.
I guess it figures considering the crap our military academies fill young leadership with these days. The officer corps is where most of the military fiction (thriller) authors started and some never shook off the brainwashing. The services must be gettin' relly good at it.
The last book I read was called TYPHOON by Robin White. Preachy as hell. Women in the service. Women in SUBMARINES. What an idiot. Red October rip off.

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