Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rumors and Legends

There is a rumor going round these parts that a certain champion stud aptly named....W'ell just call him GZ, made an honest attempt with good progress to kill a certain highly acclaimed "natural" horseman called in to work on his aggressive tendencies. The 'natural' horsemanship movement has done a lot to increase the general horse owning population's grasp of equine psychology and how we can relate to our equine partners, but it only goes so far. A racehorse is a different animal from a quarterhorse. Thoroughbreds can be extremely aggressive. We are taught that horses are basically cowards and tussle to determine a herd order. They don't care who is in charge; they just need to know who it is. Well, some DO care; they mean to be in charge no matter what's before them.

Horse people are wont to exaggerate about horses almost as much as fishermen are about fish, so take that with a grain of salt, but I've been hearing tales of this critter for some time now. Things like using tranquilizer dart guns to get close enough to him to work safely......

Personally, I heard a man that has handled thousands of horses tell another (both men at the top of their profession) visiting the stall where the beast resided not to go in there.
"He'll kill ya'."
The second fella thought he was exaggerating so the other restrained him until he understood the situation was serious. Deadly serious

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