Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Nobody in the Village People was Wearing a BMW Suit

I have an uncle who rides a Road King (yes, he really does ride it) who was telling me about one of his riding buddies showing up on a BMW GS1100 for a group ride. He said he informs bystanders when they arrive at a stop that the BMW rider is not gay.

My comment: "Do you tell them that while you're wearin' leather britches with the ass cut out of them?"
Reply: "Sometimes."


I pulled up next to a group of cruisers (Hardleys and whatnot - they all look alike to me) while on a ride with the wife last Friday on the KLR. As is more and more common these days, there were some females in the group on their own rather large cruisers instead of on the back like they belong. At a stoplight the wife and I said, "Hey" to the nearest rider (a girl) as is common when riders meet.

A second rider (on the other side from us next to the girl - no helmet, dark glasses - must protect from UV rays!) revved his bike and looked aorund at the SwampThing and said, "That's cute."

I stood up and yelled over the farting elephants:
"Did you ever play soccer?"
loser shakes head
"So how come you're ridin' a chick bike?"

Motorcycles: One's too many, and a dozen is not enough.

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