Thursday, June 22, 2006

JACmail: MM Goes Traveling

Y'all pitch in here:

Hey JAC,
This is Michael Maier from your, Nate's, DJ's and Vox's blogs. I am just wondering if you have any advice for long trips. What to bring and such. I'm thinking all proper riding gear of course, hydration, cell phone and oil for topping off at fill-ups. I have just never gone on a long trip and I'm heading to Boston from Indianapolis over two days. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Maybe you could make a blog entry at your place maybe we can get more input?

Thanks from the Rookie Rider,

The bike probably won't require any oil for that trip (it's your bike though - you know it better than I) and it's cheap enough on the road that you can buy it if you need it along the way anyhow for chain lube at every other fill-up or so. Most bikes want a chain lube every 300 miles.
I am a minimalist when it comes to packing for road trips:

tire gauge
credit/debit card
phone #'s of folks you know along the way
socks and drawers (Don't wear underwear with seams under your ass or legs when you sit on the bike.)
Motrin (take one before you get on the bike and continue the dose schedule . It works best already in your system to stave off discomfort.) If it makes you drowsy - take Tylenol or aspirin.

Take enough time and get off the bike anytime you want. It's not an endurance race and there's is no sense in makin' an enjoyable form of transportation into a chore.
I'll put this up so others can offer suggestions.

Good luck!


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