Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Help a Feller Out, Y'all.

As is evidenced by the quote below:

I hate mine.. and cannot be shed of her soon enough...

ah but its a complex matter is it not?


so many choices...
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My little brother is having a crisis of motocosmic proportions. Where do y'all come in? By doing what folks do best - putting in your $.02. Ladies may advise on colours and passenger accommodations.

His needs are as follows:
1) He has stubby legs, so he needs a low seat height and/or narrow bike.

2) This will be the bike whereon we do long distance road trips, so it needs luggage or provsion for luggage. (See below for what happens to Nate's add-on luggage)

3) Plush passenger accommodations. When DrWho and MrsJAC accompany us it will be up to this bike to haul DrWho in comfort, and there is no way she'll tolerate a pillion pad.

4) Relatively nimble handling, lest he grow to hate the lumbering beast.

5) Rock solid reliability. The Brothers C are so tired of wrenching on Nate's shit.

6) Built in GPS or accomodation for such. DrWHO bought him a really nice unit, but he fears her wrath in the event some mishap befalls it and is therefore afraid to remove it from the box, much less expose it to the elements. Says he hopes to be buried with it...

7) Power to run with a BMW R1150GS.

8) Heavy duty alternator to run gadgets, farkles, and heated clothing.

9) Heated grips. Deal breaker here folks; if the factory doesn't offer them it's a nonstarter.

10) Upright seating position for the long haul. We are not as young as we once were and this posture inflicts the fewest aches and pains after many hundred miles in the saddle. Feet should be under the ass or slightly forward.

11) Eye catching enough that it is not completely overlooked when in the company of my 2001 R1150GS SE.

12) Dealer/owner support while traveling. This rules out the Aprillia Futura and Ducati ST3.

13) At least a 5 gallon tank.

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David said...

I say let Nate ride the Brazilian!!! Seems to know where she is going, comfortable in the saddle, good for a long ride and will show well with our own ride!!!
Performs well in any weather, what more can you ask for?????