Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lawyers: We can't afford them anymore.

Like the lamprey's of the sea attached to purposeful life they draw from the flagging vitality of the flow of resources that is the American economy. They create no wealth, impede investment, only tear down industry and sell their snake oil self-fulfilling prophesy risk management to businesses unable to float the capital to operate much less pay protection money. These are scum. The shit off your shoes.

Case in point:

Aircraft maintenance. I was talking to an aircraft mechanic friend about a Lycoming engine in the back of his truck. He stated he had removed it from an aircraft to receive a minor rebuild, but upon scanning his insurance coverage realized was required to do a major rebuild which included sending the block in to Lycoming for a check and re-machining ($3500.00). Now, Lycoming is going to do nothing to this engine block that the machine shop up the road from you wouldn't do to an old VW engine block (remarkably similar engines) to get it ready for another 200,000 miles ($150.00) with the exception that the machine shop doesn't have to pay insurance premiums through the roof to protect their business from packs of Mercedes deprived lawyers.

The vermin are far too entrenched in our system of governance to be shed readily and will eventually kill off their productive host in its present form. Those of us generating wealth for them to leach need to take note of just how many hours of our lives have been wasted supporting the sons of bitches and take appropriate retribution should the opportunity arise in the coming economic crisis. Hopefully, a starving lawyer will darken my door looking for a handout.... I probably won't shoot him. Probably. But if one turns up missing and my hogs are fat it will be evidence for a Karmic nature of the universe.

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