Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gumbo Rally

Never one to leave folks out, I called my little brother last night...

J:Hey, Nate! Wanna get some Gumbo?

N:Dude it's gonna be nasty tomorrow. In the 60's and crap. (Nate is spoiled by Tennessee weather.

J:That's why we're leavin', dumbass.

N: .......

J: ....well?

N: Workin' on it..... (The wheels of computation tick over. Responsibilities are shunted for childcare, yardcare, housecare, calendar obligations are all in the mix; a sticky amalgam of all the things depending upon on a husband and father.)

J: ...... ahem.

N: ..chill!... When're you talkin' about leaving? (The wanderlust has taken hold. This is a powerful pull; Dad's a truckdriver and our wives secretly fear we will, too, one day yield to the pursuit of the fleeing horizon. Irresponsibility, whimsy, and caprice raise their heads to sniff the winds for opportunity.)

J: Noonish. Gotta get a liitle heat in the air.

N: .. Do you wanna borrow the KLX?

J: Nah, I'm good on the BMW......

N: You sure?

J: Look, I'll bring you back a T-shirt or somethin'.....

N: Fuck you you fuckin' fucker!

J: (I try not to laugh. There is the wisp of a possibly that a stifled snort makes it through the ether. This is the best part of these conversations for me. It is always better to be the tempter than the tempted. Lest you have sympathy for Nate's plight you may rest assured the shoe has been on the other foot. He's got it comin'. In spades.)

N: .........I'll make some phone calls.

J: Later man.

N: See ya'.

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