Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Socialized Medicine: Just What the Doctor Ordered

I know examining an instance where an idea has already been put into practice to evaluate its efficacy is counterintuitive for emoting masses and counterproductive to politicians' goal of extending gubmint control into every facet of our lives, but let's do it anyway.

Britain has been all in with socialized medicine and is one of the bright and shiny places the left holds up as doing things better than us. It seems the British are much more tolerant of little things like, oh.. say, being killed off than the average american.

According to the linked story a hospital in Stafford England has been killing off patients at a high rate due to poor care, lack of care, negligence and Lord knows what the "official report" deigned to leave out. The number 1200 dead in three years
than would be expected is what caught my eye.

The Prime Minister is apologizing his ass off to the dead people and telling them it will never happen again. Of course, it only needs to happen once for any one of us and all the apologies in the world will fall on dead ears.

The instructive thing in this situation is to realize that to a leftist the article proves the British system is functioning well in that the government discovered the shortcomings of the facility and moved to correct them within its established program. The most damning conclusion any socialist will draw is that the review interval could use a little tweaking. The conscious among us know the linked result is as inevitable as it is insane.

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