Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Phone Browser: Skyfire Rocks!

It actually works! Skyfire!

Some little reddot looking geek and his pal have this browser in Beta and it runs on winmobile 5 and 6, some other smartphone OS's, and actually displays webpages in desktop format with a useful zoom! Whodathunkit?

I was sittin' around enjoying a rainy day inside and browsing for news on my next phone (Palm Pre) and lamenting a June release date (My old 700wx has had a hard life and I have never been impressed with the built in winmobile web functionality) when I thought to check out Opera and see if it has been improved at all (MrsJAC has the Touch Pro with Opera and Opera doesn't impress - though the TouchPro does)/ The google search turned up the SkyFire site and I am blown away. You will be, too.

It appears to render websites as images and only renders them as HTML when zoomed, this probably takes a bit of processor/battery juice but that's what it is there for. I am sure there are bugs as it is in BETA, but the darned thing works extremely well at what it does. I think a non-touch screen phone would be a bit clunky for navigation, but Treos are the original touchscreen phones, so no worries.

This is also the first mobile browser I have seen will run Vox's shitty Cocomment system.

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