Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Smartest People in the World

During the Hillary! campaign we were tirelessly told Hillary Clinton was the smartest woman in the world. Many actually believe(d) that. We have also been inundated with accounts of the oratory prowess, experience, massive intelligence, and general wonderfulness of the Obamanation in Chief.

Reality struck in these last few days as it has come to light that the Great Orator cannot compose and articulate thoughts without the aid of a teleprompter no matter how informal or insignificant the venue and Hillary! cannot, with the might and resources of the FedGov at her disposal, translate correctly a single Russian word for use on the world's stage. You may note from the picture that the device she handed him was actually an "E-stop" or "Emergency Stop" button.
You actually turn the knob to begin the process of restarting the machinery. Thus the arrows! Doh! I fully expect OSHA to hand down a mandate that all E-stop buttons are to be hereafter relabeled as Emergency Restart buttons so the SecState can pretend she was right all along.

The Obamanation in Chief has further shown himself to be completely ignorant of economic reality and processes, not to mention the inability to lead by glibly driving the market lower and lower day by day.

Our new Secretary of State went to Israel to explain to Netanyahu about in inevitability of the Palestinian State while rockets from Gaza rained down around them as proof of it's viability.

If that wasn't enough, the Obamanation in Chief floated a trial balloon toward Putin about a deal for some influence with Iran and got bitchslapped back into the cheap seats.

In short, we have seen the annointed elite of the fascist left exposed as exactly what they sought to package Sarah Palin - rubes and amateurs.

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