Sunday, March 29, 2009

No More Chevrolet

For decades I have used GM products, the latest a Suburban and many others back to a 1965 Chevy Nova. No more. When some stripling political boss makes a phone call hissyfit demand that the fella running the largest company in the world (quite poorly, obviously) step down to make things easier for the politico's cronies to have their way with the considerable economic weight a corporation of that magnitude can throw around I consider your are dealing with the devil just stepping on one of their lots.

I don't know who had to agree to this, the CEO on his own in return for the standard golden severence package, big percentage shareholders in return for promises of returning share value? Or something more "Chicago" like threatened IRS revue of personal income tax returns, FBI investigations, or even SEC involvement into the personal finances of the company officers and board members.

The apparatchicks are on the loose now with direct control of and assembler who buys from everybody everywhere, who can with a hint of a possibility of the possibility of a contract/plant/expansion get localities to forgoe zoneing, tax levies, or to cough up outright monetary and/or real estate gifts. It's the thing the fedgov has wanted since FDR - direct control of subject governmental entities without the bargaining, posturing, coersion, and capitulation currently involved in the process of the fedgov exerting it's ill-gained authority.

How many more tendrils sprout from the Interstate Commerce Clause as a result of this and similar deals? It will no doubt amount to the application of "special case" law which will give cover for exeptions to currently enforce prohibitions (such miniscule speedbumps as they are) against the fedgov exerting it's will beyond it's jurisdiction. Like traffic law and family law are aids to the further perversion of a system once based at least superficially on the semblence of the adherence to the intent of law and the concept of private property this will be used to short circuit the processes and arguments developed that actually have held off even a small fraction of what our glorious planners have in store for the population of the US in their determined persuit of fascist utopia.

The UAW paid plenty of dough to the democratic party for the election of the apparatchick president and seem to be paying a higher pricetag after the deal was done. Big Labor bosses aren't gonna feel any of this and believe they should not, as they hold themselves to occupy the same social and economic strata as their politbureau and wallstreet counterparts, who know what is best for their little brothers and view their "members" as beasts they hold a secondary title to after the fedgov, of course.

The thing that should have happened is for GM, Chrysler, and perhaps Ford to close up shop. They build plants overseas while the traditionally "foriegn" assemblers build plants in the US. Think that will change when the fedgov starts looking around for ways to encourage a foriegn potentate to see things the State Departments way?

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