Wednesday, April 01, 2009

More From the "You Can't Make This Shit Up!" Files

God Save The Queen!

Where does this stuff come from?! Are these people children? Suzy gives an ipod to Sally at her birthday slumber party; The United States does not give one to the Queen!

If a writer of satire were to fictionalize the events of Obama's foreign dignitary gift giving he would be accused of racism, stereotyping all black folk as "ghetto", and membership in the vast right-wing conspiracy. There is the slight chance that this behavior is the result of an ill- concealed complete disdain for the anglocentric values of western civilization which britain used to embody, but I can't credit that. The more likely scenario is that Barry Hussein, Michele and the white house staff combined don't encompass the dignity of one Tennessee trailer park crack whore who would know better than to gift the Queen of England with a damned ipod.

One would think after the recent flops somebody would get a clue, but recent events point to the fact:

It ain't in 'em.

Clueless, classless, rude, narcissistict, short sighted, self absorbed, smarmy, stumbling, bumbling, insincere, inept... I could go on. This incident reminds me of some apt vocabulary I picked up from some British instructors I once had. British Ben and Co. will no doubt be refering to Barry as a piker.

Dear Britons,
Those of us here in the Southern US still value and practice civility and the manners our betters taught us. Please forgive the damnable yankee scum their common ways, but remember this the next time they need an ass whippin'.


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